New Look!

I would like to thank Ms. Ali from Mission Field Designs for doing a make over to my blog. Isn't it great?.
She has been a great blessing and I love how it looks.
Thanks you so much!!!!!

In Granada!!!

Hey there!!! We are finally in Granada. We were so ready to get at home. We have enjoyed my family a lot but after almost three weeks you get tired of not being in your own place. There is no place like home. :)Now we are trying to unpack and put everything in its place. I am going to put lots of photos and info about this last three weeks, like some photos of my family and of our last Sunday in Gijon.Thank you guys for all your prayers and please keep praying. There are a couple of things that need to be taken care of with the house here and also we have to get the girls in school (big prayer request-- perfect place for them), and also other misc.We'll talk


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They are here!!

Hi again. I haven't been able to write much in here because of the "internet problem" or the lack of internet actually. There is so much to write about though so as soon as I get settle in Granada I will be writing all kind of things and posting all kind of photos. We are having a great time with my family although we are so tired. We are always at somebody's house or doing something.

Well, who is here? Alberto and Ashley are here. Alberto is my nephew and Ashley his wife and we will be working together in Granada. I am so looking forward going to Granada, settling in and starting working on evangelism there.

Pray for Alberto, he needs to find a job. Also pray for Ashley, they are expecting their first baby in December (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)).

We talk soon okay?


In the middle of the move

Hello everyone. It has been a while, I know, I am sorry.
We have been without internet for a while now, maybe three weeks. Right now we are in Madrid and I am at my sister´s house, so I can check the mail.
We got all of our furniture and boxes down at our house in Granada. We left Kayla and Nicole at my brother´s house and that was a great blessing because we were able to do everything faster and they were able to have fun with two of my nieces. We took Noelia though, she is a mommy´s girl. (I am not complaining :))
I loved it there, I felt so much at home. For those that don´t know, my family is from the south of Spain, and I lived 6 years about 1 1/2 hours away from Granada. After that I spent all my summers there (not in Granada but in Jaen). It is so different to the noth. I like Gijon but Granada....... :) It is an extra blessing to be able to work there for God.
As I said, right now we are in Madrid. My nephew Alberto and his wife Ashley are coming on friday. They are moving to Spain and we will be working together in Granada (More blessings!!!) We are picking them up from the airport here in Madrid so we are saving ourselves a trip by staying and while we are at it we get so spend some time with my family. After that we will travel back north to say goodbye to everyone at the church in Gijon and then down south again.
It many take me a while to get back to write everyday because of the lack of internet. Lord willing by the time we get to Granada all those minor details would be taken care of.
Well everyone, we will talk soon!