My new devotional book

I just started a new devotional book. It is called "Trials-Don't Resent Them as Intruders" by Juanita Purcell. She is the writter of my favorite devotional book so far "Increase my faith Lord".
In case you didn't know, I enjoy following those books and use them in my personal devotions, at least for as long as I have good ones :).. Any recomendations?. Then ,I spend sometime reading my Bible. I have found out that Noelia does pretty good entertaining herself, especially first thing in the morning, so I finally found a time where I can spend longer than 15 minutes sitting with God.
I have to say that ,Praise the Lord, I am not going through a time of tribulation right now, at least not a big one that has me trap; so I wasn't sure if I should do it. I really didn't want to learn something that they I would have apply in my life and then God sending me a trial so I can learn it better..... j/k. Still I felt like I should so... I did :). Then, a friend of mine send me an email, and completly broke my heart to read the trial she is going through right now. And although I know she doesn't need anything else from me than my prayers, I realized that there is people around me hurting and that I need to be ready to give them some encouraging words. Not that I didn't know that, but sometimes God has to remind us those simple things. Especially because generaly we found people that wants nothing from God, but still regret that God would allow good people to go through difficult situations.
I already know that this book is going to be a blessing, and a future "something" to use for ladies meetings.
It is divided in 4 lessons and I will do my best to tranlate the titles since the book is in spanish:
Lesson 1: Why God allows trials?
Lesson 2: How can we bear those trials?
Lesson 3: What can we learn from trials?
Lesson 4: How can we be joyful through trials?
The every lessons is divided in other sub-lessons that would answer those questions.
Today my lesson was the first answer to the first lesson "God allows trials for our growth". It is hard to be in the middle of a trial and think in Romans 8:28-29.

Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Rom 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren."

We know that the Bible says that all things work together for good. In a perfect world we should be calm when difficult things come knowing that God is about to teach us something and that at the end, it will be of a blessing and growth to us. But we don't live in a perfect world. We take our eyes off Jesus and off His promises and we center all of our senses to our problems and circunstances. So we worry, we get depress, we try to fix it in our own stregth, and a multitude of other things that we do instead of trusting Him, at least I know I do.
One reason why God send us trials is to grow and be each day more like Him.
Well, as I receive the blessings of this book I will share them with you.



What is going on in this world!! Right now I am feeling literally ill for what I have been watching on tv. Why did I keep watching? Well, I guess I was trying to see if anyone could implement some sense to what I was watching.
I was using my Sling Box (Heidi, you may want to check on that if you are missing American tv) and flipping the channels since there is absolutely nothing to watch in Spanish tv tonight. I stop in Dr. Phil because I saw a little girl that was talking about her feeling like a girl… I was confused. Why are they talking about a girl feeling like a girl??? Of course I was especially confused when I hear that the “girl” wasn’t really a girl, but a boy. Of course they call it “gender identity confusion”.
So picture this, we can see a boy that looks like a girl, 8 yrs/old, speaking as if he was an adult (no, I am so not calling he she). Where those words and concepts are coming from?, umm… I wonder... That little boy said that he told his dad that he wanted to be a girl. “But God created you a boy”-replied his dad. “Well (and it is hard for me to even write this), then God made a mistake”. When did you realize you wanted to be a girl?, Dr Phil asked. When I was 3…..
What did I think? What!!!! I don’t remember what I felt when I was 3!!! Give me a break…
Then we have big shot professor guy talking about having a certain genitals but having a different code in your brain. How we have to forget stereotypes. Tune into the child and support him for what he is.
Praise the Lord, we had a Christian researcher from “Focus in the Family” saying that the kids need more guidance from the parents. He said he wanted to be a horse when he was 3, so should their parents embrace that??? I thought that was funny. He also question what I mention before, how the child was talking with adults concepts?, where did he get that from? He also asked. Could it be that he was mimicking the parents?
Then you have two mothers (from 2 different children) upset with the Christian guy, well I don’t have to tell you why. Screaming “Where are your facts?!!”—Read your Bible woman!!!
Of course he was telling them “Be the parent, step in the scene”. They didn’t like that of course. Moms are just too concern that “their kids may suffer”, what?? Do you think your child is not going to suffer if you allow him to pretend to be a girl? It may patch something right now, but just wait until he is 10….
The mothers were also saying “You don’t understand because you don’t have a child going through this”…. Yee I wonder why he doesn’t. Maybe if they did things right they wouldn’t either.
Mom #1, the one with the little 8 year old is thinking in doing hormones on him so he can look like a girl; to suppress boy characteristic and make feminine parts to develop. WOW!! What if that boy gets saved one day, what if that boy realizes he was wrong… I pray one day he will, but I wouldn’t want to be that “loving” and “understanding” mother then.


The world is crazy, and it is time, more than ever, to take a stand and make a difference in this world. It is time to act like Christians, and not just to say that we are Christians. It is time to not care if we are different, or if we look bad for telling our friends and family why we don’t do what we do, or why we do what we do.


Hey there again

Hey there,
Haven't posted much lately, at least not any family news :). I guess nothing out of the extraordinary has been going on here, other than with the church.
Well, winter is here, I can tell you that much :). It seems like yesterday that we had a nice warm weather... no, literally. Two days ago we were in the hight 60's and sudently, at about 12 pm of yesterday, it started raining and it got super cold, probably in the low 40's. This morning when the girls were going to school we were in the high 30's.... cold, cold, cold :) But I guess we are almost in November so... it is time. In a clear day (like today), you can see the mountain tops around us and you can see all the snow.. beautiful, really a blessing to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenary that God allows us to see.
I finish the devotional book from Elisabeth George about the book of Esther. I am not sure what I am going to be next. Need to go upstairs and look in the office and see what I got and haven't done yet. Would let you know. Right now I am not starting any new book for regular reading because my in laws will be here in just over 2 weeks and she is briging me some books that I was looking forward reading and that I had order. I am still reading "Cruel Love". It is a secular biography of a lady that is in jail (still is) because of a big mistake, and she is also inocent. All she did was marry an italian man in the States that many belive to be involve with the mafia (she didn't know that until after she separated from him). After years of abuse and later finding out that all of her phisical problems came from years of him trying to slowly poison her, she was left by him. They were in the middle of the separation and got permission to take her daughter to Spain with her family. Yeah, she is from Spain. He manipulated forms and stuff to where the american govertment asked her to inmidiatly bring her daugther back to the States. She didn't but she went herself to try to straight everything up and show the judge that the spanish govertment has given her the custody of the child (they married in Spain-- he didn't showed up in Spain after the marriage because he was being look for by spanish govertmen to be put in jail- she also didn't know about that because it was before they met and he used a false name). Anyway, she wasn't heard, the spanish embassy didn't want to get involve , so she was put in jail in NJ for kidnapping her daughter. Now I am reading of everything that she is going through in jail because the new wife of her ex-husband is a police officer and has contacts there. It is hard, because you know she shouldn't be there, he should; but the hardest part is that you know she is still in there. Wow, I didn't mean to get so much into that story.. sorry:(

To speak about something nicer, I have been trying to get some clothes for the girls and it really has been hard.. I can't find many things that I like and that they can use. Yesterday I thought I had hit the jockpot, there were tons of dresses and skirts (well, not tons but a lot more than I had see so far), but to my despair, I realize that only went to size 5 and the girls are needing a 6 so.... I was able to get a 3 Sunday dresses while we were in Madrid, and got one more yesterday. Got a few tops and one skirt.... I think we can make it.... They could use some of the clothes they already had, so.. I guess it is going to have to work for now, maybe next month I will start my quest again. Now I am looking for black shoes for them... it seems already like it is going to be a problem... I guess the deal is that I have in my mind what I want and nothing that I see fits that.... I need a Mall!!!! Maybe a trip to Madrid will fix it... hehehe. Not that we don't have stores here, it is just that I am new and I don't know where they are :).
Tomorrow the Andrews are coming, They are going to be helping us canvassing, what a blessing! Aaron should be happy to know that the girls are not going to school on friday... I heard that they are having a Halloween party, and we just don't do Halloween. Don't need to tell you why right?
Halloween? Seriously??? Since when? I have to say I am surprise to see it got here. When I lived in Spain before, we never had anything like that, other than the movies that showed it, but those where from the States, we never "celebrated" it. No one did. Well, last year the girls came home telling me that they were having a Hallowing party in the school. I figured that it was because it was a billingual school and so they embraced both cultures and holidays (of course no one said anything about thanksgiving..). But, what was my surprise when I saw, a few stores decorated for it and a section in Carrefour (like Walmart) with stuff to dress up and decorate. I want to believe that the reason is that, once again, we are living in a city where the college has a big number of american students, so it has become popular. I have to find out.... Hey Deanna, how is it in Madrid?
.... Wow, pretty long post for not having much to say uh? :)...
I got some new cute photos of the girls, I will share them soon. One thing before I finish ..
"...and what communion hath light with darkness?" 2 Cor


Pictures of the church

Well, may I introduce you Bible Baptist Church in Granada, Spain. We are excited to be able to start services there. Now, remember that the official service is Dec 7th, so please pray for that day, because although we are obviously going to tell people that we are already meeting and that they are welcome to come (no brainer :)), we are putting all of our effords on that special day to be our "first day". Please remember to pray for that day. Our good friends Jeff and Deanna Andrews are coming the end of this month to help us pass out the 10,000 invitations that we ordered.
So, this is the entrance, picture taken from the front door. For those not familiar with missions, or missions in Europe, I should warn you that they churches here look nothing like the churches in Spain. The church's building is usually a store front, there is an apartment buiding on top of us. This buiding used to be a computer academy. We are really excited about this one because, although the auditorium we are going to be using right now seats maybe close to 40 people, there is a room (now nursery and S.S, room) that separates the auditorium by a false wall, so we could take it down and have room for another few. It is a great starter building and it didn't need much done. The bathrooms were dirty, fbut other than a morning of cleaning just for it, now they look great. There is also a room that right now is not being used at all (the one you see in the back of the picture) that Lord willing soon, will be turned into a kitchen.

Another photo of the entrance. The door you see on the photo takes you to the bathrooms.

A photo of the auditorium. Tomorrow we will be taken the piano there, and I also made some Bible verses to frame and use as wall decor, that I will be printing tomorrow and putting up. We ordered some wooden letters of Jn 14:6 that will go in pulpit the wall, and the pulpit should be finish this week.

Another view of the auditorium. That back door takes you to the entrance. In the first photo you could see the door on the right.

The nursery/SS room. Already being used and already a blessing :)

This is our ligthed sign.

As I mention, the building are store fronts. This is how ours look. The area next to ours is for sell. Once they do and build it will make ours look a lot better.

Men's bathroom

The other side of the ladies bathroom. It is pretty big so it will also be used for handicap if there is the need.

Please remember to pray for us :).... I sound like a prayer letter :)

Exciting news!!

Our chairs are here!!!
We finally got the chairs for the church, so we are all going to the buiding to finish all the neccesary things to start services on Sunday. I will take some photos and post them here when I get back from the church. We still need to get some final things done, like we need to take the table for the Sunday school room, Matthew needs to finish the pulpit and then we are ordering some things from the States that will help us decorate the auditorium a little more, and that my in-laws will bring with them when they come in the end fo Nov. But we will have everything ready and done for the first "official" service on Dec.7.
As for now, other than missing the pulpit, we have what we need so this Sunday will be a first for the buiding. :)
Please pray for us. We are not here for anything else than for the people in Granada. We have many projects, but nothing with meaning will be done here in Granada if we don't have the fullness of the Holy Spirit. We need God's hand guiding us.
Well, I will take some photos tonight and will add them here for you guys so see how is looking so far.
I see ya later okay?



Today has been one of those slow days. Matthew and Alberto have been finishing the painting in the ceiling at the church (I can't wait to be able to start the services there), so I have been at home with the girls in the morning. At lunch time it started rainning, so my plans to go to the park were over... oh well.... So, after Noelia woke up from her nap, Matthew and I went upstairs to the girls room and did puzzles and play memory cards with them, read books.. It was one of those days that you may think I didn't get anything done, but I did, I spent some quality time with my family.. so it was a great day!!
During my devotions this morning, once again, God gave me what He has been given me the last week or so, and you know, when you get something more than once, God is serious :).
I am a very impulsive person. When I think of something I want to do it "NOW'. If I need to say something and I think "it is the right thing to say" I do it right away. But God is showing me that a wise women needs to watch her words. I need to quiet more often, I need to think before I say things and most importantly, I need to pray before I do or say anything. Being impulsive is not a good thing. I need to think, then pray, then wait on God, and then do.

Pro 16:32 He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.
I need to learn to rule my spirit. I need to learn to control my emotions.
That is a little bit of what God is teaching me, what about you. Would you like to share?

Want to know what to do next?

Pro 16:3
Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.


Destroying or building our homes?

Pro 14:1

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands

I don't think us, as mothers and wives, understand the power we have over the mood of our home. I think if they were to ask us if we thought so, we would say yes, but in an every day basis, I don't believe we think about it. At least I know I don't.
We have the power of destroying or building our homes, all depends on our actions. There is a saying that says "If mama ain't happy, no one is". I actually feel we should be ashame of that.
The Lord gave me that verse the other day and it has been heavy on my heart ever since. As I try to be a better wife, a helpmeet to my husband and an example to my girls, I can't help to think: Am I a wise woman that is buidling her home? Or on the contrary, am I a foolish one destroying it?
Everything I do sets the mood of my home. When I allow "my hormones" (really nothing but my sin) control my character, allowing myself to be up and down as a rollercoaster; I am setting the mood of my home. When I allow anger to control my reactions when my children are acting up or my husband has had a bad day and is not "as sweet as I would like", I am setting the mood of my home.
In the same token, when I am close to God, spending time with Him and allowing Him to work through me in everything I do; I am setting up the mood of my home. When I ask for His wisdom in every decission I make, even if it is a small one; I am setting up the mood of my home.
I don't know about you, but I see a difference in people around me, in my husband and children, when my reactions are the proper ones. Of course God blesses that.
So, I don't want to destroy my house, I want to build it.

Hope in any way that verse was a blessing to you too. I felt like I needed to share it so.... God knows why.
You may not see in that verse what I saw, but God works in different people in different ways. If the Lord has talked to you with that verse in any way, I would love to hear about it.


Our Anniversary

Really, my babes is the best. Today it is our 9 years anniversary and after picking up the girls from school he stopped by a flower shop and brought me the most beautiful bouquet of roses that you had ever seen.

I gave him a framed photo of us with a poem... not as beautiful, but we were not suppossed to spend any money!! He always does that to me. But he is so wonderful I can't get mad at him... especially not for a bouquet of roses :).

Tomorrow we will go out for a date :)

I love you babes!!


Best daddy award

Okay, so in case you didn’t know yet I have the best husband in the world. If you think your husband is the best, that is fine, but you are still wrong (J). But my husband is not only the best husband in the world, it is also the best daddy in the world. I could start telling you why but I probably wouldn’t even hit the surface. But today, he showed one more time how great he is.
So the girls were out of school today because last night they all spent the night throwing up. We obviously decided to keep them home, let them rest, and make sure they were doing better. Praise the Lord, none of them had any problems today.
The other day, when we were in Madrid we found this cute book store for children, and as much as book lovers as we are we went in. We found a book that had all the cut outs for making a princess castle; even has little figurines of people. So we bought it. Today, Matthew sat down with the girls and together they made the castle. They were so excited J.
Let us face it, the castle is paper so it probably won’t last long (although I would love for it to), but the memory will last forever.

Few things going on with me

Several of my friends have done this, so I guess it is my turn. :)

Outside my Window...It is a cool but nice night of fall. Soon we will be able to see the snow in the mountains. It is going to be a beautiful site.

I am thinking... that I wish my husband was here, and that also I am not feeling very good

I am thankful for... my wonderful husband and my sweet little girls

From the kitchen... Right now nothing. Before I remember that Matthew needed to go to football practice, I was going to make some salmon and goat cheese over chapata bread and put it in the oven. I don´t like to make dinner just for me…. I am hungry though, so it may change.

I am wearing... jean skirt and a black and red top.

I am reading... My Bible, a Elisabeth George Bible study on the book of Esther, and a secular biography call ¨Cruel Love

I am hoping… this sickness going around the house would be over with soon. I hate to see my girls sick, especially if the three of them are sick at the same time.

I am creating... a blog entry, and some decor for the church´s wall.

I am hearing... soccer game, Alberto is watching the Spain-Belgium game

Around the house...mostly quiet, the girls are now in bed.

One of my favorite things...being at home with my family

A few plans for the rest of the week... The church needs to be clean after the latest painting, finish last touches, start decorating, going to the water company, signing up on insurance for the church…..


Update on the weekend

Hey there,
We are back from our weekend trip to Madrid (well we have been back since Saturday night). I have been busy though so I have not been able to get in here much to update you. I am going to talk about different things in this post, so if you are not interested in a particular part, just keep scrolling down ;).
We had a good time in Madrid with our family and friends. It was very quick though, but sometimes this way is better (not enough time to get in trouble ;) hehe). We arrived Thursday evening and got to spend some time with my sister Belen, her family and my dad. On Friday it was the wedding, most of everyone else was there, so we got to see most of my family. The day before it was kind of an ugly day, but it turned out beautiful, it was actually hot!!! Of course it was perfect because it was an outside wedding :) … I know, in October???!! It was risky, but it definitely worked. It was very pretty. The bride looked beautiful, the place was beautiful and the food was GOOD!!! It looked a lot like an American wedding, well the american weddings I am use to, nothing at all like the typical Spanish one. I guess because it wasn't in a big serious catholic church... ??? could be....
I am adding some photos for those of you that know my family and the bride and groom -- the groom is my nephew Francisco. (yeah Arancha, I know you were waiting for it. I will send you some more by email okay? :)

On Saturday we were able to spend some time with the Andrews. Deanna and I have been friends for a long time, and Jeff and Matthew get along great. They have a boy Kayla’s age, so it is always fun to be with them. Deanna gave me their new cd, what a blessing!!
Deanna is the daughter of my first pastor. They came as missionaries to Spain when Deanna was only 3…. I think. They were here up to the time when it was time for her to go to college--(Deanna, feel free to correct me :). Although I did not get saved thru them, Pastor Julio and Ms. Andrea helped me grow on those first years of salvation. What a blessing they were to me!! They were always very patient and very loving to me. Although Deanna probably doesn't know that, I liked her a lot from the very beginning. We were like night and day back then (I was the night
:(), but she was a great Christian girl and I appreciated a lot her friendship even back then (… am I all sentimental or what :)). Well, all that to say Praise the Lord for those that help us in our Christian lives.
Talking about the cd though; Deanna and her brother and sister (David and Deborah) made a Spanish cd recently for those that speak Spanish. It will be a blessing for you I am sure. For those that don’t, but are always looking for great Christian music, they also have an English one. I have them both and pretty much I either have one or the other one playing in my car. Anyway, if you want more info or listen to samples, go to http://www.alltheglory.org/.

Our way back to Granada wasn’t so much fun though. We didn’t get home until 12 am and not without having to stop 3 times because little Noelia was throwing up. She usually gets sick when we are traveling and she has thrown up a few times before, so I figure it was just that. But on Sunday she did it again and she has had diarrhea ever since. Nicole also throw up this afternoon so…. It looks like we have a virus at the house. We will wait and see how much fun it gets.

Well, I think this post is long enough so I will leave you with some photos of our family from this weekend.

Kayla and Nicole were the flower girls
My dad and the girls


Fear not

Isa 41:13
For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

What a blessing to know that it doesn't matter the problems we may be in or we may have, the people around us that are trying to do us wrong without a reason, the tribulations we are going through, all the problems and fears that may be in our lives; we need not to fear. Because the Lord promises us that He will hold our hands and help us go thru whatever it is that is happening in our lives.
If the task is to hard, we don't need to fear. If the tribulation is too strong, we don't need to fear.
Ask God to hold your hand and help you. Claim His promises and rest in Him. There are 366 Bible verses on "Fear not", one for every day of the year, even for the leap year!!

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.


It is going to be a crazy week

Well, this week is presenting itself to be pretty busy. We are wanting to start services in the locale this coming Sunday, but there is still things to be done. They are minimal, so we should be able to but, of course, who knows? :)
We are painting the ceiling (It may make no sense to you but you would understand if you saw the photos), we have to order chairs, Matthew is suppossed to start/finish the pultpit, we need to set up nursery, go thru toys that I have saved for this very thing, take table there and rug to finish decorating the nursery, finish up in the bathrooms, set up the bookself for the entrance and find the books we want to have there, buy some plants to decorate...... A lot of things but there are all little and we have already purchase most of the stuff anyway.
The guys are right now in the church paining the ceiling. That is probably the only part that would take longer.
Of course we have to do all that in three days because one of my nephews is getting marry this friday and we have to be there on thursday night (Madrid- about 5 hours away) so we can get the girls ready for the wedding. They are the flower girls. They are so excited. That reminds me that I still need to find the dresses that are downstairs somewhere in a box and get the clean, and find something for me to wear..... yeah I am not very prepare for this wedding.... I have gone shopping, but I don't care much for all this new styles. Weddings in Spain are very dressy too which doesn't help...
So much to do, but still I am in pj's and it is 12 pm.... lazy, lazy morning.... I really gotta go.
I am excited about going to a new christian library in Madrid on Saturday morning, I love books!! We are also getting together with our friends the Andrews and I know that will be great too. :) We will be back on Saturday night.
The big challenge is going to be not to cut my hair. I am getting my highlights done on friday morning and I always fall in the temptation and get my hair cut too... I really want to leave it long.... Would I be able to just get the color and don't touch the scissors... we'll see.


What a weekend!!!

So you just read that my daugther got saved this weekend and now I have a new salvation to share with you.
You are aware that we are starting a church in Granada, but we haven't finish getting everything ready in the locale so we haven't been inviting anyone to the services yet. We have been meeting in our home for the last two months but just us and the Puentes. But God doesn't need any building to do His work, and we got a phone call from a gentelman that was wanting to come meet with us. We told him we were meeting at home but that he was more than welcome to join us.
So he did, he came this morning, and after talking with Alberto and Matthew for a while he got saved!!!!
He says he has some family that he would like to invite!!
We are expecting to be able to meet in the building this next Sunday. It is most than possible if Satan doesn't fight it as we have very little left to do. On thrusday we are leaving to Madrid though because my nephew is getting married, but we will back on Saturday evening. There is going to be lots of work going on monday, tuesday and wednesday... :)
It is such a blessing to be working for the Lord.


The greatest news a mommy can give

I have the greatest news that a mom can share… no, I am not pregnant..... :)
Yesterday I got to lead my middle daughter, Nicole, to the Lord. Isn’t it the greatest news?Matthew lead Kayla to the Lord, so it was a special blessing to be able to lead Nicole.

A couple of weeks ago, Matthew’s grandmother passed away. I guess she had been thinking about it for the last few days, and last Thursday, during the singing at church she asked me “Mommy, when people get very old, do they die?”. I said yes, and she told me “but mommy I don’t ever want to die”. I decided to let it go since we were in the middle of the service, but after it I told Matthew we needed to talk to her because I thought she was ready to understand. We didn’t talk to her but yesterday, while we were on our way to the park she said “Daddy, mommy told me that when someone gets really old they die, but I don’t want to die”. I talk to her and told her that everyone is going to die but the important part is to know where you are going. I explain to her about heaven and hell, and told her that sinners go to hell. I asked her if she was a sinner and she said yes.. Suddenly she started to cry. I asked Matthew to keep on with Noelia and Kayla and I sat down with her. After explaining to her about Jesus dying in the cross for our sins she told me she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to come to her heart and save her. Right away she got this huge smile on her face and we went on to the park. We will keep asking her and making sure she understand and now…. Here is the trick…. How are we getting her baptized?.... :)
We know that we are here in Spain to tell people about Christ's finish work on the cross; but if I were to lead hundreds to the Lord here in Spain and see my daughters going to hell, I would feel like a failure, I would be a failure. They are my most important mission field. Since they are born Matthew and I pray for their salvation, as well as their future. We pray that they may grow up to love Him and to fear Him. That they may grow up to be great testimonies for this world, and maybe used by Him as missionaries. That He would give them godly husbands.
It is never to early to start praying for our children. It is never too early to teach our children to love God. It is never too early to teach them His commands.