Look what she found out about?

You got to love kids, they can just come up with the funniest things.

Have you notice when you have company over and no one knows what to talk about, if there are kids around, you can just pick them to do something and will entertaint the whole party?

Yesterday we went to our favorite mexican restaurant. Usually for drinks I would ask for juice of lemonade for the girls drinks, but in this particular place all they have is sodas. The waitress told me, after I asked him for our usually juice and lemonade, that usually kids drik Sprite. I am not into giving my kids sodas but I gave in and ask for 3 kids Sprites.

When Noelia, my 2 year old, tried it, at first she was making faces, but finally she said "Anybody, anybody (her way to say "hey everyone") , you never told me this was so yummy?". We were all laughing, we thought was so funny. She didn't stop until she drank it all.

You got to love kids :)!!!!


Who is counting? Sunday hapenings

Hey there!

How was you weekend? We are having a great time here, visiting with friends and family and just taking it easy.

It was such a blessing to be at our church yesterday. We had a little moment though after the night service.

Nicole, my middle daughter got saved last year. Because we don't have a baptistry we haven't had a chance to get her baptize. So when we found out that we were coming to the States we wanted to take advantage of that for Nicole baptism. So we talk to her about the meaning of it to make sure she understood, and she told us she wanted to be obedient to God and get baptize. So we talk to our pastor, and everything was ready to go.

So, during the invitation on our night service, we did what everyone does when they want to get baptize. They go forward (so I took Nicole and went with her). You go up and get change and then pastor gets in the baptistry and explain to everyone what is about to happen. Then the child gets in and get baptize.... only right at that point Nicole starts getting really nervous and started crying...... needless to say she did not get baptize....... So, we will continue talking, maybe practice some in the swimming pool :), and we will try again next Sunday.... Oh well..... It is something important and she needs to be ready....... and relax....... :)

So, I also had a little revelation last night during dinner. This is us and my family in Steak and Shake after the Sunday night service.

This is a photo of my niece Aracha and me with our dinners. Now, notice the size of her burguer and notice mine. Notice all the extra fries in my plate and how there are none in her plate...???
..... hey, I was drinking Coke Zero.... Does that count??

So, what is my little revelation? Do I have to say it? Why she is so skinny and why I am .......... not :).

Hey, that burguer was worth every calorie :)!!!

Have a great Monday everyone!


And the winner of the giveaway is.....

Alicia from Confessions of a Snowflake!!!!!!!

Congrats girl!!! I am specially excited to give her this giveaway because not too long ago I won one she was hosting, so now I can return the blessing.

She is also a great blogger friend, a faithful commenter and I just love, love, love her blog. If you haven't visit her before make sure you go there like.... right now!!!

Everyone, have a great weekend!!! I'll see you on monday!


Day 2: Forgot my camera :(

Hello everyone from Madison, AL

Day number 2 was great as number one, but forgot my camera at home so no photos. Still day number 2 had ladies visitation first thing in the morning, mexican food for lunch, a little shopping and spanish church at night. Matthew preached there.

While on visitation one thing strike me, it wasn't much difference from going on visitation in Spain. I can see how the hearts of americans are getting harder to the things of God. Yes, the churches are bigger here, but out of the church doors, it doesn't seem to be much of a difference with hard Europe. We must pray!

On wednesday, pastor preached about the silent 7,000 from the time of Elijah. God told Elijah he wasn't alone, that He had a remanent of 7,000. But Elijah felt alone because those 7,000 were standing for God but were not being a witness. They had not kneel down to Baal, but they had not tried to make a difference.

There are so many christians in America, may us not be like the silet 7,000. I still believe that in the US, if we want to make a difference, we still can.

Another difference in the non spiritual side, and to lighten things up, is how cheap everything in America is. The cars, the houses, pretty much everything. You may not feel that way, but be thankful, because it is that way.

One thing more expensive than Europe, yogurts, fresh veggies and fruit.

Usually friday means Photo Friday Flashback, but while I am here I won't be able to participate because I don't have my photos :(. Stinks though because I really enjoy this meme. To enjoy Photo Friday Flashbacks go over to Alicia's blog.

Today is my blogversary, and tomorrow I will be letting you know the winner of the giveaway. Make sure you enter for your chance to win.

When I started blogging last year, I really did it because I have a friend that does it and she told me I must got into it. Funny though that she doesn't really blog anymore :), but I just did it to give it a try. I figure it would be an easy way to keep family updated, and I figured that it would save me some time from writting all those different emails. That way whoever wanted just needed to read it here.

Now is not about that anymore, it has turn into part of my day. I am so thankful for all the new friends God has given me through blogging. I look forward getting to know many more through the next year, and getting close to those I already know and enjoy. You ladies have been a blessing to this blogger. I love you all!


Day 1: The things I have done

Hey ladies,

What a day we had yesterday! I figure an image is worth much more than words so, here it goes, my day in photos!

This one is actually from the day before. Excuse my hair and face but it was 12am for me although not in my already time zone changed wach. I had already been 9 hours in a plane, 2 trying to get out of the Atlanta airport nand another couple of hours in the car going to AL from GA. Dr Pepper, I have missed you so much!!!!!

Starbuck...... ahhhh!!!...... You all are aware of my love for Starbucks Fraps although I do not like coffee.... go figure..... so my first stop of course was to get one of those babies....... so good!!!!

I also love books, everyone knows that too, so my second stop... christian libraries!!!. I actually only got a couple of books for me, but the girls got Veggietales movies, music, we got some bibles for the work in Spain and other stuff.

Lunch time... Macarroni Grill..... oh, so good. It was funny because although it had been 2 years, my 7 year old remember that this was the place of the bread and oil.... she was so excited.... we all were. My sister came over with us.

Chicken scalopini..... sooooo gooooood!!!!!

After a much needed nap it was time for church. It was so exciting seeing the girls with their friends. They were all so excited my pew in church had more kids than adults sitting with us. Praise the Lord for Patch the Pirate!! :) That was one of the things Kayla was telling us she missed, so she was one excited girl. The three of them were.

It was a blessing for all of us. Getting to see our friends again and the christian fellowship is one of the things we miss the most. We really enjoyed church and my husband being preached at. A special blessing for me was to see my dear friend Iara. Her family is on deputation to go to Brazil and they are almost done, so that was so special.

And here is my nephew Sergio. I saw him while it Madrid, but he is so cute I couldn't help putting him in here.

We are having a great time and looking forward the rest of our time here. I will keep you posted.


Sweet Home Alabama

Hello everyone!!!!

We are now save and sound in Madison, AL. I wanted to thank everyone that prayer for a save trip. We had a good one, the girls sleep a long time, the battery for their DS lasted long :), they had tons of movie for you to pick up individually and watch them.... all those things make a 9 hour flight seem much easier :).

My in laws were waiting for us in the Atlanta airport. Have you ever been in the Atlanta airport? A good one I have to say, but plan about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from the time you get off the plain to the time you get off the airport there. The lines are so long, and you even have to take a train!!! Anyhow, I am use to it because we always stop there but my in laws were starting to get worried because, I believe, it was the first time they had come to pick us up there.

The 4 hours drive from GA to AL was a blur, but of course we had to stop in Chick fil a to eat and to Walmart to pick up some things :)..... oh, I have missed all this!!!! It feels good to be back home... :)

Noelia was up at 5 am with the time change...... she never went back to sleep...... so I see a nap time sometime today :)

I will be letting you know how everything goes here. I am so excited to do all those little things that you miss when you are away.

Sweet Home Alabama

BTW, have you enter for my giveaway? Friday is your last day to enter!!


Getting ready and a few photos

The last couple of days our house have been getting ready for our trip. Tomorrow we are heading to Madrid from where we will get our flight to the States on Tuesday. Please pray for traveling mercies from us if you would think about it, and also for health.

I am sure I won´t be able to get in here until wednesday so I am leaving you with a few photos from the last couple of weeks hoping you enjoy them.

We are all excited, we are so looking forward this much needed vacation!!!

All of us in the Alhambra while the first group was here. Can you believe that I sat my purse next to the chair I was sitting in and then forgot about it and left it. It was a good 10 min before I realized I didn´t have my purse. I went back thinking there was no way that it would still be there, but praying it would. Praise the Lord there was a lady sitting in that chair. She said that as soon as she saw the purse she sat down to make sure no one would take it and got her husband to call security to find the owner of the purse.

I am not much of a hugging person but right there I hugged her!! I was so thankful praise God!!

My cute girls and me! Yes, I know today is Father´s Day in the States but here in Spain it was in March and I don´t have one of Matthew and the girls!

My sweet Noelia on friday! She is growing so much and she is sooo beautiful! Just like her other two older sisters.

This was taken on friday also right before her graduation, as you can tell :)

On friday night they had a little party. Nicole was suppossed to dress up like a cat. Her class was going to sing cat songs for the parents in the party. She even had a tail!

Nicole with some of her class all dressed up.

Kayla with her class getting ready to sing

Havew a great day everyone and remember the giveaway!!!!


Thanks my friends

I don´t have much time. There are things to do and suitcases to pack but I didn´t want to put off thanking Dani Joy and Christy Rose for giving me "One lovely blog award". Thanks so much for thinking of me, and sending the award right back because you sure have a lovely blog too!!

I am suppossed to pass this award along to 15 other new found bloggers. But because I hope you understand the lack of time to blog today, and because I tried picking and is too hard because I love you all, take the award and coming from me to you because you, my friends, sure deserve it!
God is giving me so many blessings through all of you!!
Btw, have you enter my giveaway???? Don´t forget to leave a comment with a question from you to me :)!!! You have ´till next friday (included)


Friday Photo Flashback: Going to fast!!

Today is friday and with this day coming I´ll encourage you to go over to Alicia´s for more FPF

Today is my baby number 2 kindergarden graduation. Where did the time go? In this photo she was about 7 months old. Now, she is 5 and going to 1st grade.......

I still remember her like my little chunck baby.... so sweet

I love you Nicole, mommy and daddy are so proud of you. What a great blessing you are!


Question 2 answered

Nina´s question: Ok...I'd like you to write about what you plan to do the three weeks you'll be Stateside. (Besides eat grits!) ;)

Well, I have to say that everyone in the house has been super excited about the trip to the States in less than a week.

Thinking how close the date is getting, I can’t believe I am sitting in the computer instead of doing all the things I have to do.

All visits are gone so I need to clean the house, lots of washing clothes need to be done, grocery shopping done. Tomorrow is the girls´ last day of school and we will be pretty much gone all day with all the plays and celebrations they have prepared at the school. Monday, we will be travelling to Madrid because is it from where our plane leaves… but here I am, spending some time with you…. Should I just get up and leave…. ??

We are all thinking in the things we want to do. We definitively want to spend lots of time with family and friends. We do also want to spend sometime on our own. We are thinking about leaving the kids a couple of days with my in laws and taking a little trip just the two of us. It has been a long time since we had a date, but we have never spend the night out without the girls since my first one was born. I think that will be a much needed time for the both of us. We want to take the chance to pray over some decisions and try to make some plans.

I want to go Starbucks every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) aaaahhhh, Frapuccinos.

I want to eat in Macarroni Grill, I want to eat lots of Mexican. Make lots of chocolate chip cookies. I want to eat Chili.

I want to go to Michael´s and get lost looking at all the Scrapbooking stuff.

I want to go to Lifeway and get lots of Christian books, movies and music for the girls.

Kayla just wants to go to children church, Patch the Pirate and Sunday School with other kids.

Kayla and Nicole want to go to Chucky Cheeses (sp?) with their cousin Ally.

Noelia wants to go to Grandpa´s big swimming pool

I want to go to my favourite clothing stores without feeling sick looking at the price tags and not going crazy looking for my size.

I am for sure buying the girls winter clothes there if I can find them.

Most of all we want to take a break, a little vacation. A time to step back so we can go forward even stronger.

We are so going to enjoy this time!

Oh yeah and... I am so not eating grits :)


Why Spain? -- Part 2

Note: This is the continuation of yesterday´s post, so if you haven´t read that one you may be a little lost.

So, was a thrill when Matthew told me we were going to Spain? I mean, what is not to love? Wouldn´t be going back to you mother country the best scenario? You already know the language, you already understand the culture, even if you move to the other side of the country from your family, at least you are in the same country. You can go buy groceries from day one without translator. You don´t look different and neither do your kids. Why would I not be thrill? Still, I wasn´t.

Because as much as I knew that coming to Spain would make things a lot easier for everyone (of course when Matthew said Spain was the country was after being lead by God and not but all those “positive” things), still I knew lots about Spain. I knew about the apathy of the people towards God. The lack of interest on spiritual things. The hard hearts. The “we don´t want your church here” attitude.

And I always remember seeing the missionary presentations about places like Africa, where 100 people would get saved in one day. Still, I didn´t tell that to Matthew.

On our survey trip, two years later, God gave me a compassion for the people. It wasn’t that I didn´t have it before, it was just that I was being selfish. I look at their eyes, I saw that emptiness and I thought that once before I have had that emptiness in my eyes. Once before I have had that apathy towards spiritual things. But there I was then, and all because of the mercy of God, and because of the surrendering of a missionary. If I wasn´t willing to sacrifice for my people, how could I expect someone to.

And my heart changed, and I am not going to say it is always easy. Sometimes you feel like quitting. Sometimes you feel like there is never going to be a change. But on those times is when God reminds me where I came from.

Following God´s will is not always easy. It may come with difficulties. We may not be able to fully understand it. But who is wiser than God. And who loves us more than God.

His will is perfect.

P.S. Don´t forget to enter my giveaway!!!


First question answer-- Why Spain?

As I promised, here I am. I am doing some better but I am still sick. It is funny thought NOT, that although I have a stomach virus and I can´t eat much, and what I do eat doesn´t stay long, when I weight myself I realize I do not lose weight. I know VANITY but hey! Whatever…..

Last night, I stayed home while my husband took our visit out for some more visits around the city. I asked him to pick up the cards I wanted to include for the giveaway. I can´t show them to you though because he took the camera with him to Malaga. He is taking our visit to a different city where there are no churches (they are missionaries on their survey trip) and we have never been there so the camera is a must. He will be gone all day :)

Anyhow, I thought I would start tackling some of the questions you gals have asked.

A few of you asked about how is it that we ended up being missionaries in Spain, so I figure I would start with that one.

Of course, most of you know that I am from Spain. I didn´t move to the States until I was 22 when I got married, so when I surrendered to be a missionary wife when I was 18, Spain was not what I expected. You know, I always imagine Africa to be the place. When you think of being a missionary, you never think of your own country. Of course, then, I didn´t know He had a wonderful American guy waiting for me, and that He was going to call him back to my country, which is something that now, I am so thankful for. Especially for the great blessing of the wonderful American guy :).

So, when I met Matthew I knew I was looking for someone that had been called to the mission field or that, at least, was open to that calling. It was obvious that we liked each other even from the first “Yo hablo mucho espaƱol” (that story I will leave for later :)), so when we were heading for something more than friendship, I told him that my desire was to go on the mission field and asked him how he felt about that. He was very honest and told me that there were people that went to the mission field and people that would support missionaries so they could go to the mission field and that he was the second. He was sure that was it for him (not rebellious or anything, it was just something he was certain of). Of course, I don´t need to tell you that kind of cool me off about a possible relationship with him, but God was making it so clear His will for me to be with him, that I figure I would leave that up to God. I told him though, that God had called me to the mission field and that I was sure that He wanted me to marry him so….. he was going to be call one day.

I waited for 5 years for that to happen, but it happened. About a month before he surrendered (I didn´t know then that God had been dealing with him for a couple of months already) he got a pamphlet from my brother in law, from a missionary in Spain, talking about the need in this country. He told me if God ever called him to the mission field, Spain would be the place. Again, I didn´t know God was already dealing with both of those things and that he wasn´t just “talking”.

During those 5 years I cried and cried every missions conference, feeling the great burden for the souls around the word, and knowing that it was God´s will for me to go. Then I would ask Matthew how he felt, and he would repeat the same thing he did that first time. He wasn´t being called, and he really was telling the truth. I didn´t understand how God was calling me and not calling him. Of course that didn´t make sense, so I battled with that and tried to rest in Him.

In 2004 we had our missions conference in our church. The same thing happened just like every year. But that time I didn´t ask him, I guess I had given up… I don´t know. 4 months later we had the missions conference with the Spanish congregation in our home church. The preacher preached and I told God one more time that I was surrender to Him, but that it was up to Him to call my husband. The very next day Matthew took that same preacher to the airport and God turned a 45 min drive into 2 hours because of traffic. God used that preacher there, in that car, to help Matthew to completely surrender. He came back home and told me. He told me if there was something he knew, it was that He was calling us to Spain. He has given Matthew a love and burden for my country, my family and my people.

Was I excited you think? Or was I not very thrilled about it? That one I will leave for tomorrow. I don´t want to bore you today, somehow I can´t make a story short :).

So, do I see you tomorrow?

And hey, remember to enter my giveaway!! Last day to enter, June 26. Make sure you leave a question for me so it will count.


Monday..... and sick

Hello my wonderful dear friends,

I have been trying to get in here all day but haven´t been able to. I got some stomach virus or something like that and I have been suffering with it the last couple of days. I hope it gets better soon, but until that happends here I am, or at least half of me :)

Thanks for entering the giveaway. Soon I will drive downtown to get the other half of the giveaway. I wanted to mention that you have until the friday 26th to enter (including that day), because that will be my actual blogversary.

Lots of you wanted to hear more about Spain. I found a nice 3 min video of images from Spain and I thought I would put it here so you guys can watch it and see how beautiful this country is. Enjoy it, and I will make my way here and post and visit you at your blogs even if I have to drag myself here :)

If you haven ´t enter the giveaway yet go here and comment. Ask me a question about something you want to know about me or something you want me to write about.

Love ya´ll


A little part of the giveaway and a thanks to a friend

Hello ladies,

I know, I usually don´t post on saturday, but I have a little break from all the visits and I thought I would take advantage.

On thrusday, a family from a supporting church came to spend with us a week. They have been called to Spain as missionaries and this is their survey trip. So we are trying our best to behave ;).. LOL... and to make this trip a blessing to them.

On friday we received a group of "young adults" that are studying missions in a college in the States and are visiting different countries and areas as a survey trip also. They are staying actually with a missionary friends of ours in Madrid, and they thought they would come for a day and pass out tracts with us. Last night we passed way over 1,000 tracts downtown Granada.

Both groups and my husband are now visiting the Alhambra. I started going with them, but it is over 104 degrees and the girls were having a hard time, so I got them back home and so... here I am :). I will meet them for lunch.

Anyhow, I did find part of my blogverary giveaway. This time I wanted a giveaway with a Spanish flavor. Something typical from here. While walking throught the city last night I found this.

And what is this you ask?

Is a fan!! What is more typical from Spain that a handpainted spanish fan??? Pretty much nothing. Maybe a bullfighter but hey, we are all girls, so .... who is going to want a bullfighter? :)

Isn´t it beautiful? This is the back of the fan.... or the front..... whatever.....

You can start entering for this giveaway (I will be getting something else this week for you gals to include in the giveaway.... I need to look some more :)) by commenting in this post.

So, here are the rules. Because it is my blogaversay I want to thank, giving this giveaway, someone that has been a regular in this blog. Because I don´t have a way to know if you have been regular but by your comments, you would have had to comment in this blog more than a couple times. If you have, then I would love for you to enter. But one more thing, in your comment I want you to let me know what would you like me to write about. Give me an specific question, nothing general. It can be about me, our ministry, Spain, my family.... whatever! Your call!

I would also like to thank Kim from Stuff could always be worse, for the "Attitude of Gratitude" reward she has given me. I feel always so humble about someone thinking about me when wanting to give a reward, but I appreciate it so much. May it be always clear the God I serve by my attitude and testimony.

I hope you gals have a great day and I will see you on Monday!


And the blessings keep coming

Once again, I am praising for His Goodness towards us, seems like we are having alittle relief from everything in the world going wrong.

First, he sent an email to a friend of us that has a missionary help ministry out of our church. It is called Lighthouse Baptist Ministries. Go and check it out, I know they have many ways you could help.

Anyhow, my husband asked him if they would have a car we could use while we were there. He told us we contacted them at the perfect time because another missionary from our church is leaving to go back to the field the day before we arrive and we can use the van they were using. Also, he told us he has a phone we can use!!

Yesterday, my husband comes home from picking up the girls from school and tells me to go outside and see our car. Oh great, what else.... I thought. Someone had hit our car while park and left without leaving a note. They had done a pretty nice scratch to the side of my car.

Of course, lots of things have gone wrong these days over here so I think I would have been more surprise if the person had left a note. But, oh me of little faith, was about to see God´s hand. A guy was waiting for Matthew to go back to the car and told him that he had seen the whole thing and that he had written down the license plate of the person. He gave us his name and phone number in case we needed a witness for the insurance company.

I called them and gave them the info. They told me everything would be a lot easier if I could get her info. I happend to know who the lady was. She drives a black BMW so those everyone takes notice of. Good it wasn´t a regular car or I would have had no idea who the person was.

I was sure I was going to have problems. I mean, after all, if the lady was willing to do it the right way, wouldn´t she had left a note? Wouldn´t she had waited because she knew it had to be someone from school? (I know I am messing up with the verb conjugation here but for some reason it is the only way it sounds right.... could it be because I am spanish??? :)) Of couse I started praying.

I knew I had to go and deal with it, my husband is too godly to handle this if things got difficult :)hahhaha. There is something about the spanish attitude that works in those cases ;)

So I went today, waited for the lady and once I saw her I told her that she had hit my car the day before and that I had witness (or something like that, but I did had a great smile in my face I promise). I went on to explain the rest and she had a puzzle face..... um? Is she going to say that it wasn´t her -I thought-. "I don´t understand Spanish very well" she said......... she is from China..... well..... I don´t speak chinesse that is for sure.......

Somehow we were able to say enough for her to admit what had happen and to tell me to follow her to her car so we could take care of everything. A friend of hers was going to translate. Been there done that a few times.

Finally we got it taken care of. She assumes responsability and now I am waiting for the insurance company to take care of everything..... uffff, what a relief.

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Excited!!! SO, so excited

Ladies, I am excited. So, excited. So, so, so, so, so excited!!!!!!!!

Do you know how sometimes you pray for something that never comes? Do you know how sometimes you pray for something that will come but it takes a while? And do you know how exciting it is when you pray for something and within two days God answers? Those times are the best uh ? :)

Well, we just had one of those 3 days answers.

The last few months here in the ministry have been hard. I have mention to you before about how Satan has been attacking and trying to steal our joy, take our desire to work, and try to bring problems to our home. He knows we are here to do the Lord´s work, and that gets in his way. We are telling people that there is a God that loves them and died for them. Satan so do not like us doing that.

Well, lately has been specially hard and we started talking about how nice it would be to step back for a couple of weeks, go back to the States and take some time to refresh ourselves. Some time with our home church getting charged up again. Some time with our christian family and friends for the fellowship. A time to step back and reset goals. I know missionaries out there reading this can understand, especially if you are in a spiritualy hard country like we are.

Well, we found great price tickets. We got the ok from our home pastor. We got two wonderful missionary friends that are going to come and cover the Sundays we will be gone.

So we are leaving in 2 weeks minus 1 day (who is counting ???? :)) and will be there for 3 weeks and 2 days.

I am excited. I am so excited. I am so, so, so, excited.



A giveaway in the making and a little from Spain

Have I ever told you ladies you are a great blessing to me? Your comments are always so encouraging. I love you gals and I have never met most of you!!

I just realized that my blogversary is coming soon. I can´t believe it has been almost a year. I checked back to my first post and it was done right after we have finished moving here to Granada, so I have a doble Anniversary :).

Time sure flies.

So, since I have more visits coming on thrusday and I am going to be going downtown to all the souveniers shops I am going to be picking up something to give as a blogversary giveaway. I am going to be looking for something very Spanish..... I have a couple of things in my mind. :) So next week I am going to be announcing a new giveaway... so, stay around.

On another note, while going all over Granada walking with the last group we had with us, I saw a couple of things that got my attention. Here, as in many other countries, they use buses or taxis to advertise. This ones though were a little different (in a possitive way) and got my attention because really, those annouce something that are pretty much against popular believe here in Spain.

"The right to kill doesn´t exist. What it exist is the right to live." This is a against abortion campaing that unfortunaly I know very little about (but it is about to change because I am so getting in the web page and see if there is anything I can do to help). Here in Spain young people are living very sinful lives. They think they can do whatever they want and then just turn around and eliminate the consequences of their actions. They don´t obey any authority but their own. It is so hard for me to talk about this and make sense because I feel so strongly against abortion.

They just passed a law in Spain that allows 16 year old minors to go to abortion clinics and get an abortion without parental permission.

They just passed a law in Spain where a pharmacy can sell the "day after" pill without needing medical permission.

How easy is it for teenagers here to be sexually active withouth having to deal with the results of their actions? Very easy.

It is not a wonder why the hearts of the Spaniards are so hard to the Gospel.

Another taxi sticker I found was "God exists and you must know Him". I think many have heard about an iniciative that started in London I believe where atheist groups where putting out signs in buses saying “God doesn´t exist so enjoy life” (or some senseless thing like that). So some evangelical groups (at least that is what I heard in tv) are “attacking” back with signs that say “God exist and you must know Him”.

When I saw the sign I thought that for sure the taxi driver must been a christian. One of the guys from the group went and talk to him, to ask him if he was a Christian. He wasn´t, he was being paid to put the sign in his taxi. We left a tract with him and left. He wasn´t interested he said.

Would you pray for Spain today if you have a chance? God is the only one that can break cold, hard hearts



Have you see those commercials where you can see a photo of the before and alter? You know, like one that shows anti wrinkles lotions. They show a face and it is kind of cut in half, one shows the part of the face before using the lotion and the other one the one after using the lotion.

Well, this weekend I could have done one of those commercials, only one for lips botox or something like that. Maybe one of those lipsticks that makes your lips appear bigger and fuller. I could have shown the left half of before using the lipstick and the right side of a lipstick that really works on making your lips look fuller. Not one of those that cost a lot but don´t really work, I am talking about one that makes your lips look like Angelina Jolie.

The only thing, I didn´t use any lipstick. I got no one, or two, but THREE cold sores in the right side of my lip, upper and down lip…… ouch….. of course I didn´t go as far as taking a photo, but let me tell you…… ouch!!! So half of my lip was normal size and the other half….. pretty big….. yeah….. I know….. sexy….. NOT!!!!!

On another no so nasty note :) I will show you a couple of photos from last week. I will be adding them here and there in the post so you can see them.

Two of my girls with my sister Paqui. They love their tia Paqui and their tia Paqui loves them!

This handsome guys is my nephew Sergio. Well, to be all honest, he is my nephew´s son :). He is such a handsome, content little boy!!!. He almost makes me try once again for the little boy.... I said almost!! :)

Nicole, Kayla and little Sergio. All three of my girls were all over him the whole time :)

The whole group, minus the ones taking the photos and Ashley that was staying in the car with little Sergio that was sleeping. We took them to a lookout where they could see mos of Granada and cities aroung it.

Kayla and Nicole with Arianna and Anna. My girls are starting to really miss everyone in the States, I think the time is starting to sink in... after all, it has been a little over 2 years! Now they ask when we are going to go for a visit. Something we are all praying about, we are all needing it.

On a little follow up note, my washer machine is finally fixed. I call someone and they promised to come the very next day first thing in the morning, between 9 and 9:30 (yeah, that is first thing in the "working" morning here in Spain- don´t you love it?). He didn´t come until 5:30 pm but.... he did come and I love him for it! :). So guess what I have been doing all weekend long?. Of course, thinking about all the clothes that need to be iron now makes me tired.
I´ll see you all over at your blogs.