They are here!!

Hi again. I haven't been able to write much in here because of the "internet problem" or the lack of internet actually. There is so much to write about though so as soon as I get settle in Granada I will be writing all kind of things and posting all kind of photos. We are having a great time with my family although we are so tired. We are always at somebody's house or doing something.

Well, who is here? Alberto and Ashley are here. Alberto is my nephew and Ashley his wife and we will be working together in Granada. I am so looking forward going to Granada, settling in and starting working on evangelism there.

Pray for Alberto, he needs to find a job. Also pray for Ashley, they are expecting their first baby in December (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)).

We talk soon okay?


Nate & Arancha Photography said...

Jo! Que morro

Jeffrey said...

Nosotros volvemos en 6 dias!! = ) Chica...que ganas tengo de hablar contigo! Besos.

The Starks said...

pues deanna a lo mejor nos vemos en madrid que es donde estamos ahora :)
Besitos a las dos, a mi sobri y a deanna :)

The Clanton Family said...

que emocion pilar saludos a ashley y alberto en cuando te acomodes sigue escribiendo aver como va todo ok besitos als ninas preciosas y igual ati bye.