Christmas table

I have been thinking about Christmas dinners.

As many of you know I am from Spain, and where here Christmas dinners have lots to do with turkey, ham and casseroles (which I love); Spain has more to do with appetizers (lots of them), seafood soup, and roasted lamb leg.... well, at least at my parents house.

This coming Saturday my family is coming over. Thankfully my sister, my nephews (her grown up boys), and a niece live close by. Like 5 minutes close by. Which is a great blessing considering that we are all from Spain. Some of them are going to be away for Christmas, so we are getting together to celebrate.
So this got me thinking apetizers. What to make, what to make. So this is what I am thinking

I found this recipe in the internet and I thought it look really cute. No, it is not very Spanish (although I found it at a Spanish web page), but I thought it looked cute, and will get the vote of the little ones.

This have King crab in it.... it just sound good.

Every Spanish table has to have some of this. Queso Manchego and Jamon Serrano.
I am also thinking shrimp (we are big on seafood), I am thinking salmon.... and a few more things.
Christmas day will be more the ham type.

So, what is it that you MUST have at your dinner table in Christmas?


Something I love from Christmas

If you are a Christian, you love Christmas. It is a time when we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

It is because of His birth that He came to this earth. It is because He came to this earth, that He was able to die at the Cross. It is because of His death at the Cross that our sins were paid for. It is because our sins are payed for that we can be forgiven. It is because we are forgiven that we can go to Heaven.

One of my favorite things that I get out to decorate my house with is my Nativity Scene. With the Tree and all the presents under, it is easy to get the focus off the real reason for Christmas. Let us not forget.

What is your favorite Christmas decoration?


What is going on?

So, I figured I should start by letting everyone know what is up.

In my last post I told you that we were moving forward with a house and that my husband had found a job. After months of waiting to go forward with our lifes, the wait was over.

Of course, it is not that we stop living, but when you live at your in laws house (Praising God for their help), your husband doesn´t have a job, and you still don´t know exactly the reason why you are back where you started (for those that don´t know, we had been missionaries in Spain - my dear home country- for 3 years), you are ready to go somewhere, to feel "normal".

We got the house, we have been here 7 months and although in the beginning I got lots done in the form of painting, decorating..... we got things to do to finish it ;). It is a new home, so there are not renovations that needed to go on, other than the adding of the fence in the back yard, but there are things that need to go on at a house to feel like home. Still, this is home, and I love it. It is funny though because after moving so much in the last years, it sometimes feels like "so... where next?". Not that I am looking forward to another move, don´t take me wrong ;).

My husband loves his job, and it has been such a blessing. Still, although we are not in the ministry full time, it feels sometimes like the job just pays the bill, we are so busy at church praise the Lord.

My husband is helping with the mission board at our home church, teaching/directing the Spanish Bible Seminary at our church (20+ students), at whatever else needs to be done. I am teaching Sunday School (love my 3 years old), teaching Spanish at our christian school (high schoolers... you got to love them ;)), and acting as my husband secretary for the Bible Seminary. Things are busy, but they are great. We knew God was bringing us back from te field, but we knew He didn´t bring us back just to warm up a pew at church. It is such a joy to serve God. We are open to go through any doors God would open.

The girls are great. They love school, they love piano, they love church, they love their friends. I praise God for my girls. They make things so much easier.

So, now that you are caught up :) .... Did I forget anything? Feel free to ask me anything, I would love to answer any questions you may have. Love being back. Thanks for those that left me a comment. It was encouraging to feel missed, it gave me the extra push I needed to get back.

Through the week I am going to try to visit everyone. Hope to "see" you back.

I have miss all of you.


Such a long time

Wow, I don´t know about you, but I feel like I have been gone forever. I do think about you often though and wonder what things God is doing in your life.

I feel like life is not leaving me any time off to do some of the things I enjoy. Like blogging.

Things are busy. Things are good, but busy ;).

How are you? I am going to try really hard to get back soon and visit everyone of you. Love ya!