About this weekend

This weekend has been very special to us, it has been a GREAT blessing and we have seen God working so much. On friday, as I already told you guys, during the ladies meeting, I was able to lead Maria Elena to Christ. It was just the beginning, God was going to do more abundantly that I could think of.
On Saturday a group from the church went to the Lagos de Covadonga, a beautiful place here in Asturias. We were able to have a picnic, have a fun time and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. I will be adding some photos of the time there. It was so pretty and there were cows everywhere hehehe.
Today we had a good morning service and then in the night service I was able to lead Carmen to the Lord!!!! God is so good!!! To some people leading 2 people to the Lord in a weekend may be a normal thing, but in Spain that is not an every weekend deal :)!!!! I am amaze of how God is working in the church here. :). Right now, it is hard to put everything into words, but, Praise the Lord!!!!!


A love letter

I wanted to share this poem that my husband's cousin, Laura, shared with me. I thought was such a wonderful prayer. In a time when everyone is looking after fullfilling their needs, my prayer is that I would be able to be the support that I need to be for my husband whom I love more than anything. Hope it may be a blessing to some of you ladies. :)

"Lord, let me be his sunshine when the sky is dark and gray. Let me be his comfort when he has had a long, hard day. Let me be his shelter when the wind is harsh and cold. Let me be submissive when the rest on earth are bold. Let me be his pillow when he is tired and needs a rest. Let me be assuring when he faces some hard test. Let me listen softly when the world is pressing in. Let me understand when no one else can comprehend. Let me walk beside him when he needs to have a friend. Let me be something that's real in a world of pretend. Let me sing sweet music when his hear is without a song. Let me be his living joy, each moment all day long." ~Patti Fisher


What a great ladies meeting!!!

Maria Elena, Susana, Carmen, me (ignore the size of my arms :))
Today we had a great ladies meeting. Only Susana, Carmen and Maria Elena came, but let me tell you, it was so good. We actually didn't to the subject we were going to address, it was on faithfulness. We were going to study the faithfulness of God, of Jesus and ours. It was really good and spoke so much to my heart. But God had other plans :).
Carmen had lots of questions and God help me to answer them... I think :). And then I was able to talk to Maria Elena about salvation and she got saved!!! There is a new name written down in glory!!! It was so exciting :).
And now we have to leave, I am excited but I am going to miss everyone so much. :).
Well, just wanted to share some blessings.


Here we are!!!

Hello everyone!
Well, we have lots of friends and family with blogs so we thought, why not? :)
I hope to get in here often and be able to let you guys know a little bit about how our live is doing here in the other side of the ocean. :).
We are packing up..... again :) and getting ready to move down south. Looking for the sunny side of Spain.... :) We have most things already packed, and what is left, is all of the every day neccesary things as well as big pieces of furniture that needs to be taken apart. We will wait until the end of next week to do that.
Moving day is July 7th, please pray that it won't be any problems.
Well, will ge in here soon, as soon as I figure out how to make this blog look decents . :)
And to those that like soccer, Spain is going to finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA ESPA√ĎA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!