I finally did it!

Doesn´t it hurt just by looking at it?

Well, I am hurting today but not because I looked at one of this, but because I did a few of those exercises. Yep, you are guessing right.... I finally joined the gymn!!!!

The last couple of years I have been feeling pretty misserable with my weight. I may look fine to some people, but no one but oneself knows the way she feels comfortable looking, and I am just not happy. I haven´t been doing anything to fix it though, have been eating the same stuff and doing little to none exercise. I think after a couple of years I finally realized that you don´t just wake up one morning being thin and looking great without any efford at all. Why didn´t you tell me?

So yesterday I joined the gym. I found one that has a little day care in it for free so that works great. Also, my husband is joining me so I have that accountability. I went and got my free session with a personal trainer that gave me a ¨table of content¨with the things I need to do. I can´t believe that was for beginners..... I am hurting!!!! I don´t think I can go back and do any weights today, just the cardio, wow I am hurting. They have tons of classes included in the price and I am looking forward doing some of those. The Step class, Body Pump and Pilates are three that I really one to try.

But I know the saying is right, NO PAIN NO GAIN!!!...... Are we sure there is not an easier way???? :) haha


A first for me

This is the first time I participate in "Word Filled Wednesday", but I thought it would be a great way to show what God is doing with me. This coming Saturday is mother´s day here in Spain. So I thought I would share something about us ladies, moms, and wives.

Pro 31:28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

I think I can talk for every mom and wife when I say that, to fulfil this Bible verse is our main desire. We all want to be a godly example to our kids. We all want to be a helpmeet to our husbands. Having that desire is great, but nothing gets accomplished with just desiring something. Actions must be taken. If we want to be godly moms, we have to conduct ourselves in a godly way. If we want to be a helpmeet to our husbands, there are things that we must do, or in many cases, must not do. Actions and not desires is what will make this Bible verse true in our lives. We must ask God to help us to be what we ought to be for His honour and His glory. We must ask for His guidance and take actions.

Jas 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin

For more of ¨Word Filled Wednesday¨ be sure to visit its hostes in The 160 Acre Woods
Have a great day!


Trying to be a good mom

Last Sunday after church it was raining outside and there was really nothing for my girls to do. I could have let them watch a movie, but what is the fun on that. I could have sent them to play in their room with their toys, but what is special about that. So for first time ever I let them use the aquarelles and brushes and paint a picture. I bought that set last summer and never got brave enough to let them use it inside the house.

Now before you judge me, I must say that I am not on of those mom that don’t let their kids play inside the house. Their bedroom and, at least, our living room, is always a mess with toys all over, colour pencils, books…. We live in my house, it is ok. But one thing is to let them have toys all over that can be pick up easily at the end of the fun, and another thing is to give them something that can ruin a piece of furniture. I have proof, this picture was take on Thanksgiving after my youngest daughter decided to try out as a graffiti artist.

Anyway, I tried, they concord, and it was a success. Here is the proof


I just don´t get guys

(don´t worry, this is just my husband´s elbow)

This is the little souvenir my husband came home with from his football game. And this one is not even the worst, one time he came with half of his arm completely purple.... I just don´t get guys....

For those that don´t know, and most won´t because I don´t think I ever mentioned here, my husband plays football for the team here in Granada. He did it because he thought would be a great way to meet people and make future contacts for church. And it is working, he has been able to share about us, the church, our beliefs and the ministry with many interested team players.

The other plus side of getting into the team is that he loves sports. He is just a very athletic person. He plays every sport and plays them well. I am just not that way. It is so funny because all of the Stark kids are so athletic, it is in their blood or something. They play sports, they are just good with that. In the contrary the in-laws, the spouses that the Stark kids have married, we are just not that way. We are not into playing sports, so we obviously are not that great at them (maybe things have changed now, but this was the way back when I was there), or maybe we are just smart enough not to get in the middle of a Stark competition :), but in Memorial Day, there we would be watching the Stark kids playing volleyball or any other sport, while we sat in the sidelines watching them.

Anyhow, I am getting sidetrack. I just don´t get guys. How is it a hobby a sport where you get hit, tackle around, burned and at times you get bones broken?... Just don´t get it. The funny part is that they are tough enough to play that game, but then complain because their “booboo” hurts when is trying to get clean (let me tell you, that thing was looking ugly). By the way, I am not making fun of my husband here, just think it is funny.
The best part was when he told me after I was playing with him about it “you just can´t imagine how much this thing hurts”…. No???? Did I not have 3 kids???? Now, that hurts :)

SIDE NOTE HERE: Do you know how I realize I crossed the line to the dark side of blogging? When my husband comes home with a nasty looking burn and instead of wondering what happened, or running for the first aid kit, I run for the camera because “I am so blogging about this”. Did I go too far? Am I the only one?


Share the Love!

Yeah!!! I am so excited!!!

I have been wanting a button for quite a while and finaly I got it! I have been looking at places that would have it done for me and then I thought..... I can do that!!!

So I did it, not without help though. I couldn´t get the image to show and my handsome smart husband saved the day!!! Thanks babe.

I love playing around with Photoshop, so I may change one of this days. One of this days I will figure out how to change templates and then..... I will drive you crazy changing my blog around every week.

Well now do what you need to do. Grab my button and put it in your blog. Share the love!

If you can´t grab with the the right click of your mouse (I couldn´t when I was checking it out) just highlight the code and hit Ctrl+C and then go to your Layout/Add a gadget/Html/Ctrl+V.
If it doesn´t work out let me know, one can´t be perfect all the time.....


Got a winner!!!

We got a winner for my first ever giveaway. This Cd is going to....

Congrats Justin, send me an email to pilar@spainforchrist.com and let me know where do you want me to have it sent. I am sure it will be a great blessing to you.
And for those that didn´t win, don´t worry, go to www.alltheglory.org and buy it! :)
Have a great weekend!


Photo Friday Flashblack

Alicia from ¨More than Words¨ (Alicia, please forgive me, my NEW COMPUTER is acting up and doesn´t allow me to do any links) is hosting Friday Photo Flashback, and thought it looked like so much fun that I couldn´t resist doing it also. I thought that since my computer broke I would´t be able to find my photos, but at times, I am smart and all ;).

This photo is pretty special because it is one of the very few photos where all of my sisters, brother, mom and dad are together. I guess it got too big of a family to make these photos possible. Actually, I only have one other one (I am sure there may be more, but I just don´t know) where everyone is there. This is from my first birthday, I am the dangerous one with the knife :). The little boy next to me is my nephew, he is actually 1 1/2 years old older than me. Before you wonder ¨what??????¨ I should say, my mom had me when she was 45 and my oldest sister was already married.

This photo is mine and my husband´s first photo together back in 1998. We were so young....

Enjoy your weekend and come back tomorrow to find out who won my first giveaway.

Your last chance

Today is your last chance to enter to win my first ever giveaway. Make sure you go there and leave a comment with your favorite song and why is a blessing to you. Many have already enter, make sure you don´t miss out this chance. This CD will truly be a blessing to you.

Everything is going well here. I am being hit with pretty bad allergies and the medicine is making me feel pretty.... dizzy/sleepy.... so I can´t really think today.... I never had allergies before until last spring.... getting old stinks hehe!

Tomorrow when I get up I will pick a winner and post it. So make sure you come back, because whoever wins is going to have to give me a sending address :)


Tough Love

Last monday I went to God with a little bit of a pity party.

Has it ever happen to you that you saw how your child fall down, and, although she-he verily touched the ground, she-he came crying wanting some simpathy hug or something like that. But instead of giving it to her-him, you decided it wasn´t a big deal and told her-him ¨you are just fine, it is not bleeding or anything. Go on¨. Well, that happend to me the other day. Only I didn´t fall.

Something made me pretty sad, someone´s reaction made me sad, and I went to God wanting a simpathy hug. I wanted some grace, I wanted the hurt to magically go away. I wanted it to feel all better.

God´s reaction was quite different. I read my Bible, listened to some preaching tapes, and prayed. His response was much more biblical but I will put it down in my own words if you allow me (you really got no choice). It was pretty much ¨You are just fine. This is something you are going to have to deal with because you are in the ministry. It is always going to be this way. You can tell them what I want, but you can´t make them do it. People need you and then they don´t want you. Some will give three steps forward and two backwards. You are going to see that a lot.¨ I will add to this ¨so get over it ;)¨.

We all need some tough love sometimes. It Helped me a lot more than a little babying (is that even a word?). We are all in the learning process, ain´t we?

Php 1:29 For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake.

Col 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Col 3:23-24 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

Remember now and don´t forget entering for my first ever giveaway! Ends tomorrow! Don´t miss the blessing!


Forgiving and other thoughts

Everyone has a soft, weak area in their lives right? Something that Satan just keeps touching to make sure you don´t heal. Or maybe is the same stone you just keep falling on, over and over again. Here in Spain we say “Man is the only animal that falls twice with the same stone”. Do you have something similar in your country too?. It certainly can be discouraging to keep having to ask forgiveness for the same thing over and over again. But don´t give up thinking why to ask forgiveness one more time knowing it may happen again, because that is exactly what Satan wants.

Well, don´t worry, I am not about to “preach”. I am in no position to do such a thing. Just sharing what is going on in my mind right now.

Last Monday I heard a message from my pastor back in the States. It was talking about “ No looking back”. It was a great blessing. At one point it was talking about those that get stuck in their past sins. How us dwelling in the past, keeps us from going forward. Anyhow, he went on to talk about getting stuck in other´s past “sins” towards us. I think that is a great point. One I really need to work on. I want to believe I am a forgiving person. My problem is that after the same person does the exact same thing to me over and over again, I start having a hard time forgiving. I tent to say “ Well, after so many times “sorry” is not enough. If you were sorry you wouldn´t do it all the time”. Funny I say that, because I struggle with pretty much the same things over and over again. But with a broken heart I go before my God begging for forgiveness, praying He would and knowing He would. Just to do the very same thing, for the very same reason, not too long later. Does anyone understand what I am saying? Or I go asking my husband forgiveness for my temper just once again, wanting him to forgive me.

I need to remember that next time my girls leave the toys all over the floor, or next time my little one jumps on the sofa, or next time my husband does the very thing I “figure” he knew I didn´t want him to do (that attitude in itself can take another post).

This is just one of the things that have been in my mind these last couple of days. There is one more that I may share tomorrow.

Another thing that has been going on in my house is a little “bug” that has been breaking any machine around my house. On Monday, my computer broke, my husband was able to fix it, just to break again a few hours later. I think it is pretty dead. My husband´s computer also broke on Monday. So we had to go to the store and purchase a computer because in my house and with the ministry, a computer is a must. We were going to anyway, but we were hoping to wait a couple more months of savings…. Oh well.
Then my washer machine wasn´t working and neither was my dryer. Praise the Lord my husband did something and now they are both working, and we are able to wear clean close. A blessing to those around us hahahhaha
Well, as long as my flat-iron keeps working I am all right ,) ha!!

Well ladies, must go one with my day. It is beautiful outside and I am going to take my girls to the park after I get some Bible reading done. Who is complaining????? I am not!!! Count your many blessings, see what God has done!!!!

Make sure you enter for my first ever giveaway. You only got two more days!! But before you do that leave me a little word here, I am not feeling the love these days ;)


My Hiding Place

Everyone has a hiding place. Mine is in the arms of my Lord. In days like yesterday this song was in my head and in my mouth all day long. You can find it in the CD from my first ever giveaway.

You are my hiding place
You always fill my heart
with songs of deliverance
whenever I am afraid.

I will trust in you
I will trust in you
Let the weak say "I am strong"
in the strength of the Lord.


Monday Ministry

Today I am guest blogging over at KJV blog for their Monday Ministry Highlights. I am posting this entry here in my blog too, but if you would like, you can go there and read the many other post written by many other ladies everyday. I am sure you will come out blessed from that site.

This morning the devil is attacking the work here in Granada, and the Starks household. It is in times like these that the devil wants us to think about how much easier things would be if we were not in the ministry. Being in the mission field it is not just about starting a chuch, going on visitation, inviting people to church and leading people to Christ. That is what people read in the prayer letters. But for the missionaries, on top of that, it is about feeling rejected by the people around us, about being called a cult, about people prohibiting other people come to church. It is about spiritual warfare and about humiliations as well.

See, last Friday our little group met for first time for our prayer service. We were there for 3 hours. Fellowshipping? Nop, we were singing, listening about prayer, and praying. On Saturday, our little group came over to our house, we had a Mexican meal and we had a great time. The ladies came at 11:30 am and didn’t leave until 9:00 pm. Eating, fellowshipping, watching the first movie of the Left Behind series and talking about the things to come and the need to work for the Lord NOW. We also had David coming for the meal, and although he is being used by the devil today to attack our little group, he had a great time on Saturday with us. On Sunday we had a great S.S and great morning service talking about “Hope in times of discouragement” and “Getting to know our enemy”. And see, the devil is just not happy. He is so not happy.

But this is not the thought I want to leave you with, because although the devil try to discourage us, we are not discouraged. We are rejoicing in the Lord because we know that the devil may win fights, but he won’t win the battle. We are on the winning side praise the Lord!!!

These photos are from the good time we had on Saturday.

Now, don't forget to enter for your chance to win my first giveaway ever! All you have to do is leave a comment with a song that God has used to touch your heart and why.. just that easy.But don't leave it here, go to the actual post. You have until friday. You'll snoze, you'll lose :)!


My First ever giveaway!

Well, I know you guys are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my first giveaway. I was thinking about something typical for Spain for it, but thought I would wait for my 1 year anniversary in this blogging world. I wanted something that would be of a blessing to the one that receive it. Right away, I thought about this. I just know you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my first giveaway. :)

One of my bestest friend in the world, Deanna, with her brother and sister, have a music group. It is called “All the Glory”. So far they have put out 2 cds, one in spanish and one in english. Of course I have both!! And I just love them both!!! I can’t wait for them to put out another one. Their music is Christ honoring and soul uplifting, you are just going to love it! One of the songs was written by their dad “Cry for the Lost”, who was my first Pastor. I praise God for this family. Another special fact about this family is that they are 3rd generation missionaries!

Well, before I get teary eye I will go on. If you are looking for a mother's day present or any other present, and you don't get to win this giveaway, this will make for a great gift. Take it from me! If you want, you can go to their web and hear some samples of the music, but you just have to be nuts not to fall in love with this cd. They also have a Spanish cd, so if you speak Spanish and prefer that one, I don’t mind sending you one or the other, just let me know.

Anyhow, here are the rules:
· Leave me a comment and tell me one song that God has used to touch your heart and why.
· If you write a post in your blog about this giveaway you may enter twice, that way you will have more chances to win this great FREE blessing! :) You got to love free stuff!

You have till next Friday April 24th to enter. Saturday 25 I will announce the winner. My little Noelia will pick the winner…. And she doesn’t know how to read so you KNOW there won’t be any cheating going on here :).

Well ladies, hope you have a great weekend. Tomorrow we are having the people from our church coming over for lunch. A couple of our mexican ladies in our church are making us a great mexican meal (I have been missing real mexican food so much since we got to Spain.... don't dare to ask what you are thinking ;) hehe). Pray for this activity because we are also using it to invite a couple of people (One of then with his family) from Matthew's football team. None of them are christians or attend any church that I know of. May we be a testimony to them and may this be an open door for them to come to church. What are your plans for the weekend?


Helping a Friend and my first GIVEAWAY coming up!

My friend Jill from Jill Boyd’s place has written a Christian Suspense Fiction book and is waiting to be published. She has posted the first 3 chapters of her book in her blog so people could read it and give her some feedback. I read them all and the book sounds so interesting that I can’t wait to read some more… and I never read ficcion! She is only sharing the first 3 chapters …. :( I asked her to send me the script so I don’t have to wait…… don’t think she will….. :(
Please, Jill, pleassseeeee!!!
Maybe by you guys going there and mentioning I sent you she would be happy with me and she would do it….. probably not :) but still, go by and help her out. Make sure you read them all. Just go to her “Blog Archive”. All of the parts are in the month of April.

This is a little excerpt of what her book is about written by her.

“My story starts out with a woman, Jennifer Hamilton, who is on the mission field in Uganda. Just before the story opens, Jennifer's husband is killed in an auto accident, and Jennifer and her three children are stranded in the Ugandan town where they've lived for the last three years. There is a lot of political unrest in the area, and rebels attack the town while Jennifer and her children are in the marketplace. An American man in the marketplace rescues the family and then helps them escape. In the process of trying to get back to the States, Jennifer discovers that her husband was actually an intelligence agent and the missionary life was his cover. Once back in the States, Jennifer not only has to come to terms with the fact of her husband's deception, but she also finds out that the enemy thinks her husband might have passed crucial information on to her before he died. The only way to protect herself and her children is to find the information before they do. A task that might be a lot easier if she had any idea of what she was looking for. And if she knew who to trust with the information once she finds it.”

Now, stay tune with me because pretty soon I am going to be hosting my first giveaway!!!!!!. I am excited to share it with you because I know that whoever wins is going to receive a great blessing!


A little geeky and a little cool

Today is Geeky/Cool day, at least I have decided so. We all have a cool side and a geeky side. Some have one more develop than the other :). Everyone hates to be a geek while in high school, and everyone wants to be the cool gal in class, maybe not the most popular, but at least somewhat cool. Many geeks just want to be invisible.

When I was in high school I went through both sides. I was a geek (a really, really big geek) my first 2 years, and somewhat cool the other 3 (yeah, I did my senior year twice… I liked it too much… yeah right). Now that I am older it doesn’t matter anymore….I certainly would not want to go back to high school, but seriously, unless you were a big shot, who would want to go back?

So I am going to share a geek and a cool moment, and maybe in the future I would share some more of those. I am not going back to high school, at least not this time.

I have some geek moments sometimes when I make jokes. I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor, I love it, I am not ashamed of it. It is not very understood at times, especially when I was in the States. It was funny because I think people sometimes wondered if I was joking, if I was for real, or if what I was saying sounded strange because I was from Spain. You know the “I don’t think I am understanding you right”. Later on, they knew my English was good enough, so they just thought I was serious. I think it was because I can keep a pretty straight face while I am making the joke, but really what is the fun in sarcastic humor if they know to begin with that you are joking. Sometimes, in the beginning, I will pull out the “Oh, I am sorry, that is not what I meant” even if I meant what I said, when I had realized I had cross the line. Yeah, maybe not too honest, but can’t you blame it for using it? Anyhow, back to my geeky time, sometimes I just surprise myself with what I come up with and start laughing at my own joke. I will try to say it but I can’t, because I am laughing. People will be looking at me wondering what in the world I am laughing at, and all I can say is “sorry, I can’t, I am just too funny”…..how geeky is that.

Cool time…. Well, when Matthew and I had just met, we went (by then separate ways) to the Fall Festival at our church. We always have games and stuff where you can get candy and stuff for winning. Well, Matthew and I were pretending to run into the same games, because we were already interested on each other. So I “bumped” into Matthew in the balloon game. They had balloons all over the wall and you would use the darts to hit them and then you would get candy. So, he saw me coming and wanted to impress me, so he said “Pilar, pick a balloon color and I will hit it”, so I did and he did hit one of the balloons with the color that I had chosen. He was all proud and I was all impress. We went on, on our own and then he “bumped” into me when I was in the drinks game. They had tons and tons of soda bottles and I had 2 rings. The game was to throw the ring and try to catch a bottle with it (I hope I am making sense). Now, to understand what I did afterwards you will have to understand that I am not very athletic and that I stink at this type of things. So Matthew came from behind and stood next to me trying to make me nervous (you know flirty young things). Instead of getting nervous I looked at him and asked him “Matthew, not only pick a soda flavor, but pick a soda bottle, and I will get that exact bottle”… I don’t know what I was thinking. He knew that I loved DrPepper so he picked the only bottle left, and then made me give a couple steps back so I could even even farer from the bottles. So, I got my first ring and….. got the exact bottle he had pick. For a micro second I was amazed myself but couldn’t show it…. I had a cool moment.

So, now your turn. Where you geeky or cool in high school? Go ahead and comment, let us know some geeky and cool times of yours. Let's have some laughs

Now, another question. This also would show me how many people have read this long post by the comments I get hehehhhe. I was thinking about changing my blog name, because after all, it is only me from the Stark Family that gets in here. So wanted some cool, no geeky at all name... something original.... of course I don't have a brain for those kind of things. Any help from ya?


A little revelation and a link for missionary wives

I am so proud of myself (wow, you don’t hear often things like that coming out of my mouth). Yesterday, after I wrote my time management post I decided to start working at it. I got tons of stuff done. Got to clean the whole house, do laundry, got my devotionals done, a little rest watching the girls play in the patio, got my grocery list and meal plan done, grocery shopping done, sit with the girls and watch a movie, updated the church’s blog, got to chat in the messenger with Dani and Nina, got to talk in the phone with my friend Deanna…. a few more things….. so it was great….. until it came time to go asleep and I turned and turned until 3am…. Don’t really know why. At 7 am Noelia was up. Praise the Lord for my wonderful husband that needed to work in the house today and kept an eye on Noelia so I could sleep longer today….. Thanks babe. But that is another story.

I have come to realize that I spend a lot of time in the computer. A lot of times I don’t intent to, but my home page is my blog, so sometimes I am looking for something and I notice that someone that I follow has updated their blog, so I go on and check it and then I get caught up in it. Sometimes it could happen a couple times a day. Of course, that took a lot of my time.

So, yesterday I left it to once a day, and it made a huge difference. I even got to mark a couple of things off my long list I posted the other day :).

My husband was telling me (he is a business major so he always things numbers) that when you are trying to set up a budget, you write your every expense for a month and then make the budget with that info. That sounds similar to what I was going to do. So my plan is to write what I do every day and how much time that takes me for a week. Then I will set my schedule out of that and review it every week in case anything needs to be change. When I come up with it I will post it in case anyone can find use of it. I will try to stick to it as much as I can, and will let you know how all evolves. I do need to check flylady because I already had a couple of ladies telling me about it. I think if I do that I can still keep up with my blog and yours everyday.

Now this is for you especially, missionary wives. I am going to share a link that a missionary friend shared with me. It was pretty interesting. It is called “The missionary “supermom”” written by Karla Hawkins from Abilene, Texas. To read it just click here and it will take you to the article. Let me know what you think about it. What do you agree with and what you don’t; If you have seen in your life some of those unrealistic expectations occurring, some of the problems that they talk about here. I Would love to hear your comments.

Let me share a little bit from the article to give you a little taste:

"Many missionary wives and mothers try to please everyone. These "super moms" are under great pressure to satisfy expectations from all sides. They try to balance their family and their call to ministry under difficult circumstances overseas. These women not only give of themselves but they sacrifice themselves for the cause. An important question becomes: What is the difference between giving and sacrificing in the role of missionary wife and mother?"


Time management

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately where people are getting blogging breaks, others than used to post every day are doing it less and less. I think many of us are beginning to realize the time that blogging takes. The time is taking off the other things that need to get done around the house.

If you are like me, I don’t have enough hours to get the things I need to get done, done J. I believe the hours are there, but I believe I am not managing my time properly. But everyday new things are added to the list of things to do and very little are erase from that list. That really has to change.

I enjoy blogging; I really don’t want to get rid of that. I enjoy reading your blogs, that is something that I don’t want to take away either. It is a daily blessing to my heart to keep this contact. It is a way to be myself, to share my heart, to keep it real. It is something that I really enjoy.

But I believe I need to schedule my days. I was thinking about scheduling my every minute for a week. After the week is done readjust my schedule. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. What needs more time and what less. Adjust the times if necessary. I really think I could get a lot more done if I do that. If I get a lot more done, then I won’t feel so guilty by being “caught” sitting in my computer.

So, how do you manage your time? Do you have any plan? Do you just shoot to get as much done as possible? Are you, like me, in need to rearrange your schedule? Any plans?


Here is my meal plan for the week. I did get something done :) my meal plan and my grocery list… of course my husband just had to take the car to the shop because is leaking something…. No good…. How am I supposed to buy groceries? :)

MONDAY: Baked chicken legs, corn and mashed potatoes
TUESDAY: Shrimp Calzone
WEDNESDAY: Chicken parmesan and broccoli casserole
THURSDAY: Marinated grilled fish, carrots and rice
SATURDAY: Church activity- Mexican Meal made by our mexican women
SUNDAY: Pasta Nonna

I am off to clean the house. You just have to love Mondays :)!


Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Luke 24:6 He is not here, but is risen

Happy Resurrection Day! Let's praise God for what He did for us.


Hey there

The last few days we have been out of town. We went to Villacarrillo, a couple of hours away from where we are, to spend a few days with my sister and her family and my dad. We took advantage of them traveling so close to us to go and see them.

I am preparing a post about Easter here in Spain, Catholic Easter, funny (not so funny) fact about Spanish Easter, catholic easter that is, is that is called Semana Santa "Holy Week" and goes from Palm Sunday all the way to Easter Sunday, but almost everyone considers Semana Santa to end on Friday. Easter is not really celebrated.

Until then though, I am going to share some family photos from the last week. Enjoy them!

When we were inside the Alhambra, there were some people resting in this "bench" area (this one was american). They were all taking naps there in the sun. Noelia was concern about this one. She kept going and watching him, I wonder what was going on in her little head. We were all laughing because she was so funny. Everyone sitting around were also laughing and taking photos of her.


Some photos from our ministry

Last Sunday we had our first "Comida Fraternal" (Fellowship meal) at the church. The Contreras were over with us from the north of Spain, and my smart husband thought it would be nice to get some food an invite everyone to stay.

To those that do not know. We are missionaries in Spain (I am also an spaniard). We started this church last December. We have had someone with us, praise the Lord, for every service since then. That is a victory in itself. We had our first getting saved before we even started the church and has been with us since January when he had to move because of work. We have had american students coming too since and before because we have a big college here where foreigners students come. But these ladies that you are about to see are ones that we can build a church with because they are not just passing by, so that is a great blessing.

Works in Spain/Europe are slow, so every person that comes to visit turns into a great reason to praise God. Things that we may take from granted in the States. Pray for these ladies if you will.

The next photos is of me and M.L. She just got saved 2 weeks ago. She is such a blessing to me and so sweet.

This is N and R. They are both from Mexico. R is here visiting her daugther N, but has been coming with me on visitation the last two weeks. And intents to come with me until she returns to Mexico in May.

These are all the ladies (yeah pray for guys to come for my husband's sake :) ha). We already have an international church. From left to right: me (Spain), M.L. (Spain), N (Mexico), S (El Salvador), R (Mexico), Dani Joy (USA but she was just visiting-missionaries in the north of Spain).

Our auditorium. Can't wait to see it full.

After church we moved all the chairs and set up the tables. We really had a great time in unity. It was really a time that glorified the Lord.

Pastor Joseph (Gijon) on the left of the photo and Pastor Matthew (my handsome husband) were the only guys there (other than the Contreras boys). They were really outnumber :)

God, give us wisdom, we pray, to lead this work for your honor and glory. The help this ladies grow and be a blessing and encouragement to them. Bring more people that we may build a church that will honor you, that we may be a bright light to this city. I ask you God for your blessings upon Bible Baptist Church of Granada. In Jesus precious name, AMEN