A Mother´s Heart

As I have been without internet for the last several weeks, and since I have it today for the first morning in a long time, I realized how much of a hinder this internet is to my relationship with God. I have been able, without it, to have so much more time with Him, I have gotten closer and that is something I don´t want to lose. I have been missing though, pouring my heart out in this blog as well.

As a mother, I have such a burder to be the mother God´s wants me to be. I know I can´t be perfect, but I want to fullfill God´s will for me as a mom.

I look around and see children that has been given such a great opportunity to serve God, they have been given every tool they need to never have to look back on regret for a season of their lifes not being used for His honor. Still, they put that tool aside as if it wasn´t anything of importance and they want to ¨live their lifes¨.

That mind set is scary for me, as I have three little girls. I want nothing more than a life without regrets for them. I want a life lived for God for them. That leaves me praying for wisdom and seeking God´s guiadance everyday for His leading in my life as I lead them while my husband is at work.

" My Lord, my God, I beg for your wisdom in my life. Wisdom to raise my girls in your love and fear. Help me to teach them and not to break them. Show me when to discipline and when to love. Help me to disciple in love. Guide me and lead me to be a mother that glorifies your name. And to you, my God, I´ll give the honor and glory for everything you are going to do. In the name of Jesus. Amen".

Proverbs 4