Family Time

This weekend we had a great family conference at my home church. We had a Spanish Pastor of a church in Puerto Rico that was such a blessing, and taught on a simple way, on a way that everyone on every level of their Christian walk would be blessed by the teaching.

As Christian moms, I think we always pray that God would show us ways that we can be better moms, better models to our children, and of ways to point them to Him. As I have three girls, I pray that God would allow me to be a good testimony to them, to be a good example, that they may learn good habits of a godly mom and wife. That is so hard, but I praise God for His mercy, because He gave me three beautiful, sweet girls despise of myself.

Some of the main points that God highlighted in my heart from this conference are

- God, and to please Him, should be the number one priority of every member of our family.

- Love is not just a feeling, it is also a choice.

- It is important that every member in the family knows the role that God has given them, and that they would do their best to fulfil it. To take a role that is not yours, is to change the order that God has for a family.

- Our husbands need and deserve our respect.

- We are to be an example to our children. We are to lead them to Him. We are to teach them to fear Him and love Him.

- We must not let materialism, lack of correction, personal sin, or poor example, destroy our family.

- We must wait on God. Abraham and Sarah decided to "help" God when He had promise them a child, and we can still see the consequences of that bad decision. He wants us to submit to His will, and wait on Him.

- We must pray together, we must have family devotions together. That would bring our family closer together.

- We must have the right priorities in the right order.

Simple points, but so important.


MONTSE said...

Pilar, it is so nice to be back and to find that good old friends are here to welcome me... I'll be around, your post is really inspiring for me

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Beautiful post! May we keep our priorities in the right order at all times.

BTW, I love your new blog look. Very pretty. (((Hugs))) to you my friend!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I am happy to see you back, or maybe I missed you somehow? Great points here for the family.