Summer is here!

I don´t know about where you are, but we have been having crazy weather this year. We don´t live in an area where you see much snow in winter; but we have seen lots of snow this year. We even run out of snow days in school, and that just doesn´t ever happen (unless we use the snow days for something else ;)).

We don´t live in a place where we take the tornados seriously; but let me tell you, since April, we don´t ignore the tornado sirens anymore, no matter if they are sounding sometime in the middle of the night. Since April, we get up, and with shaking hands we take our pillows and go to our save room. (I may talk about awful April 27 one day)

But summer is finally here, and with it we can say goodbye to the snow and the tornados at least for a while (last night we heard the sirens again, but the weather channel said it was the last of it for a while).

Summer is here, and the girls are out of school. Summer is here, and I am out of school!!

So I am planning things to do this summer. I see books in my future, and a vacation (first real vacation since we got married 11 years ago), I see visits from my family in Spain (or part of them :)).

Oh, summer summer, how I love thee.


Jen said...

Happy Summer! We have 4 more days of school until our kids are out! So glad you get to go on a vacation!

Mich said...

My kids are still in school because of snow days.

We live in tornado alley so it has been a very hard season for us.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!