Make your home Sing Monday-- A party pooper

Today I am joining Nan from Moms the Word in her weekly meme, "Make your home Sing Monday".

I really enjoy this meme, but this morning, when I sat down, I decided I could not participate in the meme today. You know, there are good days and bad days, and today my flesh is taking a lot of control over me, so what could I say?

So I got up and went on my way.

My heart is heavy and I am so sick of living in this sinful body.

I think we all have something in our personalities that makes us look bad. Those little corners that are not yet fully controled by God, not because He is not powerful to do it, but because we let our flesh out for while instead of turning to God when we see it coming.

Mine is my temper. It is ugly, it is strong, it says things that I hate, it says things that make me feel like a failure. Still, it is in me and, although I fight hard against it, and God gives me many victories, there are other times when I lose the battle...... but I will not lose the war. Because my God is a powerful God.

So, what I am going to do today to make my home sing?.

First, I am going to ask God forgiveness one more time, knowing that He loves me and He will give me that forgiveness.

Second, I am going to stop looking angry and jumping at everyone around me, and apologize to my sweet patient dear for being a party pooper.

And third, after spending some time reading my Bible (taking advantage of the girl´s nap), I am going to start reading these two books that I got while we were at the States this summer and that haven´t been started yet.

Also, and aside from this meme, I finished reading the third book of the Defenders of Hope series by Amy Wallace. This books was just as good as the other two and I would recommend this book to everyone. I would like to share a couple words that Amy Wallace enclosed in the Author´s Words section.

" My prayer for you is twofold. One, that Hanna and Michael´s story challenges you to look deeper into what you believe about God, yourself and others. Because in the end, it´s what we believe -not what we´re supposed tp believe- that determines the course of our lives.
And second, that you would experience God´s amazing, unfailing and perfect love for you. He´s the One who puts shattered lives, hearts, and people back together again. Grab His hand, trust His heart, and take the leam into whatever holds you back. He´s there. And He loves you. Forever"


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Lovely to meet you through Nan's meme! I love your site and can totally identify with what you said in your post! I have a bad temper at certain times of the month and hate it. Those books sound really interesting and I may just need to take a look at Amazon for them!
Love Collette xxx

Joyfull said...

How powerful confession and repentance are. They bring about true change where we need it. We all struggle with our flesh and that little corner that wants to do what we want to. Our message at church last night was about our flesh side and our Spirit side and the warring that goes on in our lives. (Romans 7). The comment was made whichever side you feed the most for the day will win.
I love your victorious attitude, God is on our side and your heart is in His hand. With His Word in your heart and His Holy Spirit guiding you, you are a winner in Him and a blessing to your home and family. Thank you for your beautiful prayer. May God's love penetrate our hearts always.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I always tell moms about my potty training experience, since I still feel bad and he is 19. My daughter was easy to potty train at 2, so I expected the same from my boy and I would get so mad, that he was not potty training deliberately. It took him another year until 3. Different times for different kids, I guess.
hang in there, it will happen

♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

Hola Pilar!
I like the way you are going to make your home sing! Those books look pretty interesting! I also need to find a good book to read! It has been forever! My kids started school today and they got excellent teachers! I also want to invite you to stop by my blog and maybe if you have time join the fun! I wrote a post about my name. I would love to hear about your name and the story behind it!
I think our names are so special =)
Have a Beautiful Day!!!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh my friend, my heart feels your pain. I struggle with my temper too. But you are right, we have to keep fighting. And we have to keep turning to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for the reminder today!

I'm so glad you enjoyed Amy's books. They definitely make you think about who God is.

Take care my sweet friend!
I will definitely be praying for you this week!

Becka said...

Good for you,
I sooo need to do the
S A M E T H I N G !!

Becka said...

Good for you,
I sooo need to do the
S A M E T H I N G !!

momstheword said...

When my kids were little I struggled with my temper so much. I remember running to the bathroom and crying out to God for help so many times.

There were days when I just felt like nothing was happening. But I had to trust that He was working and it would be in His time.

I could not change myself. I had to trust that He would do it. I still have way to much of me in my life, and still have things I would like Him to get rid of and make me more like Him.

But it's a process, isn't it? Just like your girls won't grow up overnight, we won't grow up into Jesus overnight. Just as they will mature, we will mature!

Enjoy your books. I just got a new one myself! Thank you for joining it today and reminding us that faith is a journey that we take step by step.

Alicia said...

I struggle w/ that too sometimes. It's even worst when I realize I'm in sin while in that "mode" but yet, I still let my flesh control me. It's hard to "tame the tongue."

I will be praying for you my friend!

Jen said...

Thanks for your honesty and transparency!

Dani Joy said...

This is me! You could be describing me to a tee. It seems I "chiar" more than I smile sometimes. I don´t like to say yell because I am not yelling.. Just I hate my shrill voice. God will give us victory! I posted Joseph´s message on FB yesterday. it was such a blessing for me. I want to just tape my mouth shut sometimes.

I will pray for you in this. Please pray for me for the same thing.


christy rose said...

I think that we can all say that we mess up in whatever area our weaknesses lie. And our only hope is to let the goodness of our God change of from the inside out. As we receive His mercy, we are merciful. As we receive His patience, we are patient. As we receive His forgiveness, we forgive. As we receive His love, His love flows from us. He changes us! He does it all and He gets the glory when we become like Him more and more.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful, honest heart.

Laura said...

Thanks for being real, Pilar. It is an encouragement to me, as I feel I am failing so often in various areas. I keep telling myself, "A just man falleth seven times, yet riseth again." Keep on keeping on, sister!