I have a very special and urgent prayer request.

While on deputation we met the Elliot Family, missionaries going to the field of Mongolia. They have been in the field for a few years now, and God is blessing.

Recently we received an email from them, as we often do for ministry updates, but this time the prayer request was heart breaking.

They have a little daughter, Esther, I believe she is about 6, and she has been diagnose with a very rare cancer, now stage 4. I am going to add their later update so you can pray for her. Also, they have a web page, I am adding a link. I believe you can ask to be added to their email updates, so you can know how everything with little Esther goes, and then better pray for her.

" Dear Friends,

Late last night, the doctors told us that the pathology was back on both the biopsy on the lungs and the original tumor. First, the lung biopsy was positive. That is to say that the nodes on the lungs (both lungs) are cancerous. As we suspected, they have staged the cancer as stage 4 with metastasis. The type of cancer is a cancer called medulloepithelioma. It is an EXTREMELY rare cancer and is considered a cancer of the central nervous system. This type of cancer, when it is found, is normally found in the eyes or brain. There are extremely few instances of this cancer being in the abdominal cavity. As a result of the rareness of this cancer, the doctors cannot give us a prognosis, nor is there an established treatment protocol. There have been a few cases (10 or less) of this cancer. The doctors here will be talking with the doctors that have treated this cancer before to see what they faced and how they treated it. The doctors here will be running a series of tests (MRI, Spinal tap, bone scan, echocardio exam, ekg and bone marrow) to see if we can determine if the cancer has spread beyond the lungs. We appreciate your prayers as we will need to make some hard decisions regarding treatment, chemotherapy, etc within the next few days.
We appreciate your prayers as we go through this difficult time.
For Souls,
Daniel Elliott
Your Missionaries to Mongolia
www.danielelliottfamily.us "


Mich said...

My heart goes out to this family...prayers.

Stonefox said...

Pilar, thanks for sharing this. My heart goes out to them and I will be praying. May God be glorified.

Alicia said...

Oh my word...so heartbreaking. I will follow their site, and I will be praying for them too.

Deborah said...

Praying for them, Pilar.

christy rose said...

Thanks for sharing the prayer needs of others in the body of Christ. I will pray.