Christmas table

I have been thinking about Christmas dinners.

As many of you know I am from Spain, and where here Christmas dinners have lots to do with turkey, ham and casseroles (which I love); Spain has more to do with appetizers (lots of them), seafood soup, and roasted lamb leg.... well, at least at my parents house.

This coming Saturday my family is coming over. Thankfully my sister, my nephews (her grown up boys), and a niece live close by. Like 5 minutes close by. Which is a great blessing considering that we are all from Spain. Some of them are going to be away for Christmas, so we are getting together to celebrate.
So this got me thinking apetizers. What to make, what to make. So this is what I am thinking

I found this recipe in the internet and I thought it look really cute. No, it is not very Spanish (although I found it at a Spanish web page), but I thought it looked cute, and will get the vote of the little ones.

This have King crab in it.... it just sound good.

Every Spanish table has to have some of this. Queso Manchego and Jamon Serrano.
I am also thinking shrimp (we are big on seafood), I am thinking salmon.... and a few more things.
Christmas day will be more the ham type.

So, what is it that you MUST have at your dinner table in Christmas?


Jen said...

I love how they arranged the pinwheels to look like a Christmas tree! So festive! I feel like so many things are a must! Sweet potatoes, stuffing, and homemade bread, for sure!

Jill said...

I'm not sure of the whole menu yet, but we will be having mashed potatoes for sure! : )

Alicia said...

Mmm.all of that looks good!!!

Laura said...

Welcome back, Pilar! I just now noticed that you have been blogging again. Yay! Hope you have a great 2011!