Something I love from Christmas

If you are a Christian, you love Christmas. It is a time when we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

It is because of His birth that He came to this earth. It is because He came to this earth, that He was able to die at the Cross. It is because of His death at the Cross that our sins were paid for. It is because our sins are payed for that we can be forgiven. It is because we are forgiven that we can go to Heaven.

One of my favorite things that I get out to decorate my house with is my Nativity Scene. With the Tree and all the presents under, it is easy to get the focus off the real reason for Christmas. Let us not forget.

What is your favorite Christmas decoration?


Jill said...

I had a wonderful Nativity set when we were in Uganda. I've not replaced it because I can't find just exactly what I'm looking for yet.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I don't have a natvity anymore. I saw one I wanted this year but couldn't afford it so I would have to say that my favorite decorations are some of our ornaments. (homemade ones, religous ones and ones from my childhood... each with a different memory attached) I also have a Santa boot that was my parents. It's not a religous decoration but it takes me back to my childhood Christmas's and all the love I felt from my parents. <3

Arlene said...

I don't have a nativity set yet... I've never been able to find a pretty one that I love how it looks. But, I really like yours -- what company/brand is it? I'd like to get the same one! :o) Thanks for reminding us all to keep Christ in CHRISTmas! :o)

Shwazzy said...

It's always great to remember what Christmas it's all about.That's a great post.Congrats!-R