Here we are!!!

Hello everyone!
Well, we have lots of friends and family with blogs so we thought, why not? :)
I hope to get in here often and be able to let you guys know a little bit about how our live is doing here in the other side of the ocean. :).
We are packing up..... again :) and getting ready to move down south. Looking for the sunny side of Spain.... :) We have most things already packed, and what is left, is all of the every day neccesary things as well as big pieces of furniture that needs to be taken apart. We will wait until the end of next week to do that.
Moving day is July 7th, please pray that it won't be any problems.
Well, will ge in here soon, as soon as I figure out how to make this blog look decents . :)
And to those that like soccer, Spain is going to finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA ESPAÑA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nathan and Arancha said...

Yahooooooooo!!!! ¡Viva Españaaaaa! Wecome to the blog world!!!!!! We are praying for you guys!!!!

Deanna said...

Por fin un blog....yaaah! jeje Looks good!

The Clanton Family said...

hey me alegra que tengas un blog chica ademas es muy bonito me gustan los colores.