What a great ladies meeting!!!

Maria Elena, Susana, Carmen, me (ignore the size of my arms :))
Today we had a great ladies meeting. Only Susana, Carmen and Maria Elena came, but let me tell you, it was so good. We actually didn't to the subject we were going to address, it was on faithfulness. We were going to study the faithfulness of God, of Jesus and ours. It was really good and spoke so much to my heart. But God had other plans :).
Carmen had lots of questions and God help me to answer them... I think :). And then I was able to talk to Maria Elena about salvation and she got saved!!! There is a new name written down in glory!!! It was so exciting :).
And now we have to leave, I am excited but I am going to miss everyone so much. :).
Well, just wanted to share some blessings.


Nathan and Arancha said...

Praise God! That's a blessing! I love hearing when people get saved! and even more when they are from my country! I wanna be there so bad!!!!! Man, I'm getting goose bumps!

The Starks said...

Veras como antes de lo que te imaginas estas aqui. El tiempo pasa muy rapido :)

Deanna said...

Wow, tia, amen! Que bendicion lo de la reunion de mujeres. Que grande es Dios!