I will carry you

I found this. It is the testimony of Todd and Angela Smith, as they were expecting a baby, and the devastating news that followed. Still, they praise God for what He was about to do with them. It was a great blessing to me and thought it may to you.

The interview is a two part, quite long, but worth. I tell you, it will bless your heart.

The last video is the song that came after.


Mich said...

Love them. What a great couple.
I read her blog. thanks for sharing this.

The Clanton Family said...

lo lei unas varias semanas atras que bendicion!!me imagino que as leido su blog!

Jen said...

Can't wait to watch it. I'm in India right now and time is limited but can't wait to watch it when I get back!

Alicia said...

She is a wonderful, Godly woman. I found her blog a long time ago, and was so blessed by it, too!