First day of school

Schools starts later here in Spain (or in the States starts sooner, however you want to look at it) so for most of you, the excitement of the first days are over. But us, it just started, especially since our girls are still little and still think school is a cool place (let see if they keep their excitement in a couple of years :)).

Last wednesday night was a nut house over here. The girls were as excited as excited can be, we were getting ready for school and they couldn´t wait. They were going to get to see their friends again, and for Noelia, our youngest one, that meant she was going to be a big girl like sisters.

So thrusday morning was easy to wake them up and get them off the door :) (that always takes forever here at our house, after all, they are girls :))

Kayla. 2 grade. 7 years old. How did she grow so fast?

Nicole. 1st grade. 5 years old (6 soon). The funniest part with her was that she was going to get a new teacher. Once I found our who he was, I pointed him our to her and she just said "a boy?". I think she didn´t know guys could be teachers too. :)

Noelia. My baby. In school. How did that happen?

Did she look excited or what?

Showing off the backpack she was so excited about that now can take to school because the teacher says the wheels are to dangerous at this age...... :(

Noelia´s teacher. She is so sweet and Noelia took up to her right away.
No fits at all.
Have a wonderful wednesday everyone!


Denise said...

You have such lovely children, praying that they all have a great school year.

Jill said...

Pilar, the girls look so adorable and so excited! I can't believe they're growing up so quickly.

Becka said...

Your girls are to pretty,,,

I know three little girls that look just like your girls,
I'm going to find some pictures of them & e-mail them to you,(1-day)?

Jen said...

They are so cute with their little backpacks!

Joyfull said...

Beautiful children! Many blessings for a great school year!

Chris said...

you have beautiful girls! hope they will have a great school year!

momstheword said...

Pilar, they are so beautiful! Their smiles are precious. Isn't it nice that they look forward to going to school?

christy rose said...

Oh Pilar!! Your girls are just beautiful!! They do look so excited! Hope you have a wonderful school year!

mimi said...

They grow so fast!! I love their big, adorable smiles. I hope they have a fabulous week!

Rachel Smith said...

They do look so EXCITED!! They are beautiful!

Dani Joy said...

Wow! they are changing so much! Kayla looks all grown up. and Noelia in School??? no puede ser! como vuela el tiempo de verdad.
Nichole looks as sweet as ever but somehow taller.
How is their first week going?

Love the background of your blog. I love that brown with the light blue. and it´s fun and simple. Your header is so appropriate too.
It´s fun to change it up.

☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Aww... I love all those pretty FACES!