Making you Home Monday: Fall is here!

Monday again, cleaning is suppossed to be going on as I type, but I am still in my pj´s and laying in the sofa.... I am not feeling good.... headaches, nothing else, so I will pull a double and leave it for tomorrow.

Update on Noelia, she is still clean from fever, praise the Lord. I am so thankful to God and praying it will stay that way all winter.

But I can´t be in the sofa all day.

Two weeks ago we were hitting 100 everyday, now fall is here and we are in our 50´s- 60´s. Last week I had to run to the store to buy some clothes for the older girls, and today, for sure, I need to go to the basement and rescue our winter clothes. All of Noelia´s is there, and lots of it too since she has two older sisters.

Mine... well.... Let´s hope something fits.

My home will sing better and also warmer.

Have a great monday!

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Denise said...

Sorry you are not feeling well sweetie, asking God to touch you with quick healing.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi there! I was in my pjs for the last few days due to a cold! Finally caught up on the housework! Glad the wee one is feeling better.
Love Collette xxx

Darcie said...

Hope you are feeling better quickly. Sometimes the best thing to do is what you are doing...taking it easy.

Tracey said...

We're still in the mid-80s here in the southern US, so I must say I'm looking forward to the day I need to pull out those warm clothes!!

Becka said...

Same sick stuff around the Butler home,,,
Hope you get better,
I got to do the same with clothes,
just hate doing it!!

Jill said...

We're in the low nineties here in Florida. I love living here, but in the fall I miss the changing leaves and the crisp, cool air.

Kathy C. said...

Pilar, I hope you are feeling better soon! Resting and getting better is a wonderful way to make your home sing...how can you have a healthy home without a healthy Momma? :)
Blessings to you!

momstheword said...

Oh I hope that you will feel better soon, my friend! Having a headache is no fun.

We're having lots of sun here today but then I think we'll have some rain again. I like the cooler weather.

Thank you for joining up today!

mimi said...

Hope you are feeling better!! Eat some garlic and drink some tea....it's my remedy for feeling sick :)

Alicia said...

Wow, what a major difference in weather in just a couple of weeks!! It's still so hot here in California!!!!

Dani Joy said...

I love fall but this year I hated saying goodbye to summer.

Hope those headaches get a bit better anyway. I totally empathize. It seems lately I have had a headache these past two Sundays.

Big hugs to you and your girlies!