Making your home sing monday

Wow ladies, what it has been going on!

The last few weeks I have had little to not time to post or visit blogs. I have been having lots of time with my family as well as getting ready for school to start (it did last thrusday). To be honest, I haven´t been wanting to get in the blogsphere, which is strange because I love you gals, and I love spending time with you but..... one of those things.

Of course I am not trying to look good before you so I should be completly honest, the reason why I didn´t have it in me to spend more time in the computer to check blogs has a name and one name only.......... FARMVILLE from Facebook....... I know, lame, but.... soooooo guilty.... :(

But I am back, the girls are in school and I get some time in the mornings, and Matthew starts today football practice back up, so I also have some nights. I´ll be seeing you soon :)

So mondays I have been joining Nan at "Moms The Word" for Making Your Home Sing Monday, where we post about the things we are going to do today to make our homes sing.

Well, Mondays is my cleaning day, so today sheets have to be change, laundry has to be done, bathrooms have to be clean, dusting needs to be taking place (have I ever told you about the "dust magnet"? I have a piece of furniture that rightly deserve that name), floors need to be wash, and so on.... you know the drill.

Excited? Nop, who would?

The task I less look forward to? Ironing. I honestly can say that there are clothes that I haven´t worn all summer because it needs ironing and I just HATE ironing. Hate it, hate it, hate it!

So I better go, because I don´t think the house is going to be tired on waiting on me and is going to be clean all on its own.

Have a blessed day everyone!


Jill said...

Welcome back, Pilar. I've missed you.

The Real Me! said...

A clean house does help make it sing more beautifully! LOL.
Good luck on getting your list done!

Denise said...

Welcome back sweetie, enjoy your week.

Mich said...

I will be cleaning today too.

Becka said...

I did miss you ,,
You so right,Mondays stink around the Butler house.:o(

Have a good day!

Jen said...

I also hate ironing!

Arlene said...

I really don't like ironing, either! It's so bad that usually my husband irons his church shirts/pants... I know, that's so terrible, isn't it?!

momstheword said...

I have never played Farmville but people keep talking about how fun they think it is!

I used to iron in front of the t.v. but I rarely iron anymore. I try to buy permanent press when possible, or corduroy or something so that I don't have to iron.

But I remember letting it pile up when I used to have lots of it. Sometimes you just need to put on a good t.v. show and plow through that ironing and get it all done.

Feels so good afterwards! Thanks for linking up today!

Tracey said...

I'm with you on the ironing!! I try to listen to something online while I'm ironing so that my mind can be occupied and (hopefully!) the task will go by more quickly.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, Pilar. You and me both! I love Farmville!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

And, I don't like ironing either. I hardly ever do it. My husband irons way better than I do!

christy rose said...

I hate cleaning too! But it does sing prettier clean! :)