My baby is 5!!!

Today is Nicole's birthday! She is turning 5.... where did the time go? I remember when she was born, she was a little chunk... 8lb 4oz of baby 21 inches long. Pretty different from the 6lb 15oz baby before her (Kayla). She was induce, just like the other 2, so Matthew didn't have his dream of waking up in the middle of the night to a wife ready to have a baby (and I am glad he didn't get it.. hehe)
She is a great blessing. She is shy in the beginning but as soon as she gets comfortable with a person she is the oppossite of shy. She is very sweet and loves hugs and kisses and spend time with mommy and daddy. She tells us how much she loves us all the time. She is a sweet girl.
Her best friends are her sisters. She look up to Kayla and takes care of her little Noelia.

I pray to God that I will be a good mom to them and a testimony... I am so far off that goal, but with God's help and much prayer, I hope I can be a blessing to them.

Happy birthday my sweet Nicole!!!


The Clanton Family said...

wow 5 already???happy birthday pretty girl!!!

Nina in Portugal said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!!----So close to Christmas!

Dani Joy said...

Happy Birthday, Nicole!!!
Wish we could all go to Mc Donalds!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Nicole! Enjoy every minute, Pilar. This time passes by all too fast!