Such a sad time!

Well, good times, as bad times, come to an end. We are glad when bad times pass, but not so happy when good times end. My in laws are leaving tomorrow and yes, it is a sad time.
I happen to have wonderful in laws, and are going to miss having them around. It has been two weeks, but the kind that flies. Matthew is taking them tomorrow morning (or in a few hours I should say- 4am) to Madrid. It is a trip of over 4 hours and their fly leaves at 11 am, so they needed to leave early. I am kind of glad because I hate goodbyes… Have I ever told you that I don’t deal very well with difficult situations?…. I actually don’t deal with them period… I just pretend they don’t exist… very mature uh? J But it works for me. I won’t go on that way, but maybe one day we can talk about it.
Anyway, in the next few days I will be sharing some photos from our time together.
They have been a blessing to us in more ways that they would ever know. They came in the perfect time, time when we needed encouragement and people that loved us around us. They were that encouragement and gave us much love.
They also helped with the ministry! My father in law went out every day with Matthew passing out invitations for our first service. My mother in law made the skirt for the piano and the curtains for the auditorium (I will have to finish stitching because I waited until Friday to ask her if she could help me with them. I don’t have a sowing machine so we have to do it the old fashion way—Sorry Deenie but thank you very much. I love you!!).
Gary and Deenie- I love you very much. Thank you for being such wonderful in laws. I will miss you very much!


Laura said...

Pilar, hugs to you! I'm glad you all had a good time together. I know your sweet words mean a lot to Uncle Gary and Aunt Deenie. It probably won't be long until they are planning another trip. How are your girls? I look forward to seeing the pictures!


Kristi Gentry said...

I know that you all will miss them, but I am glad to have them back home! And Happy Birthday from the Gentry's! I hope you got our video birthday message.

Dani Joy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope even though you are so far away you are able to enjoy your day. Blessings!

I am getting bad at good byes too. Sometimes it´s easier not to say it. :)

Nina in Portugal said...

I know how you feel.....so sad.