Christmas Eve

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!!!! May you take some time to remember what Christmas is all about and may you be thankful for all of God's wonderful blessings, starting with the greatest of all, Salvation.

I wanted to share some photos from our Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is The DAY here in Spain. Everyone gets together and eat a fancy dinner with all of their family. Just like we would do in the States for Christmas day. This year we couldn't go up to Madrid to spend the day with my family, but our good friends the Andrews decided to come down and spend the week with us. What a great blessing friends are!
So in the morning we went up to Sierra Nevada, about 30 minutes away from where we live, and we had the greatest time!! I think if possible, going up to Sierra Nevada is going to turn to a family tradition in our household. I am sharing some photos with you.

Matthew and I with the little resort behind us. They have restaurants and stores there. It is like a little town. Wasn't expecting it to be like that. Really cool
The kids posing for the pictures. My girls and Aaron Andrews

The Starks and the Andrews. Matthew, Pilar, Deanna and Jeff


Dani Joy said...

What fun! I am so glad you got to go to the snow!!! We just went to San Isidro. It was blizzarding! It was beautiful! Do you know how to ski? I want to go again so badly.

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...


Hey! I have been writing the Monday Ministry Highlights on the KJV blog. I am trying to get four or five other ministry wives to join me. That way we each only post once every four or five weeks about our ministry. I have asked another pastor's wife in Oklahoma, a missionary wife to Canada, a missionary, missionary to Ghana, and you. We are all ministering to such different areas and people. We would have so many different view points of the ministry to write about. It would also be a huge help to me with our move to a new church coming soon. I would love to share the posting. Would you be interested?