Our Christmas Tree

We actually put up the Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving while my in laws were here, but I have been so busy that I haven't been able to sit down and post much. Things should be a little less crazy around here for a little bit and I have all intention to put everyone up to date (especially those that know my family) with the pictures of the last few weeks and back to posting every day.

May I introduce you our beautiful tree. We always went natural when we were in the States, but bought one before we came and now I wonder why we didn't do artificial from the beginning. It last green all christmas and I don't have to clean up all the mess from the needles from the tree.... although for some reason this one looks so natural that some fall off every day... ????

There is no way that we could get Noelia to look for the camera, so this is the best we could do :)

The girls with grandpa and grandma

This was our special ornament from a couple of years ago. It is my favorite one of all. Since we got married we have the tradition of buying a special one every year. In the move from Gijon to Granada this one broke, but thanks goodness we were able to fix it. So can tell in the "oe" from Noelia's name.

My mother in law brought this one with her from us, so this one is this year's special one.

Putting up the tree, we always play Christmas music and we all take a part on putting up the ornaments. After the kids go to bed, sometimes there is some mommy rearragement going on. This year they did pretty good though, although I have to admit that I set sound ground rules first..... I am ashamed...... what a party popper. :(

Don't ask me why I posted a photo of my girls backs.... I thought it looked pretty

Kayla matched with Mr. Snowman.

Nicole and Noelia with all of our ornaments

Gary and Matthew putting up the light.... I know, the photos are not in the right order...
So, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU AGAIN. Enjoy the holiday and remember our Lord.


Nina in Portugal said...

What a beautiful tree! And such a special time together with your family. Memories made to last a lifetime!

Jill said...

Great tree! We always have an artificial one--I think it's much easier!

Laura said...

Pilar, I am feeling horrible about mentioning "Home Alone". I am writing this note here so maybe more people will read this than would on the other post. We recorded it to watch as a family. There is more bad stuff than I remembered. If I had known, I would not have recorded it. Hopefully I have learned my lesson about recommending things. I hope I did not lead anyone astray.

Your tree is beautiful! I hope you are having a lovely Christmas season.

Pilar Stark said...

Laura, don't you even worry about it. You won't be the first or the last that forgets stuff about movies.... I am sure I have done it more than once... Keep recommending me stuff okay? :)

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

I love Christmas time and traditions!!

Dani Joy said...

What beautiful memories. Our tree raising didn´t go as I had hoped but alas it is up. jeje. I love how your living room looks. Reminds me in a way of our place in Fresneda(our town home). :) We had to rearrange our whole living room to fit our tree this year. je
Love seeing the pictures of your precious family.