Photos from Nicole's bday

Okay so I officially can't figure out the pictures deal. I used to be able to just add them and they would appear in the order I load them in but.... now they are all messed up...... sorry.
And to top it all my font is underline and I have no idea why?????? Sorry I still don't have this blogger thing figure out.
But the most important part of all, we celebrated Nicole's bday yesterday. The day before I took a cake to her class so she could have a little party at her class. It was the last day of class before Christmas holidays so they were going to party anyway. And a party they had. When I got there right before 11 am there was so much noise from inside the class I had to knock several times before they heard me and opened the door. When I got in I counted 4 teachers which means four different classes (of 25 kids each!!!) have gotten together to have the Christmas "party", and there I was with only two chocolat cakes...... Before seconds I had 10 kids around me, asking all kind of questions: "Who are you?", "What is your name?", "What do you have there?", "How old is Nicole going to be?", and after that one they were all informing me of their ages, names..... The funniest part is that the teacher had open the door of the classroom for me to come in and had left me there, surrounded by kids, and there was no way I was going to make it to the room without ignoring their questions. I finally did though, after all I had Matthew and Noelia outside in the car waiting for me so...... I got to take a couple of photos that I will post later because I had a different camera with me, and left them there dividing my two cakes among a bunch of kids and 4 teachers :). The teacher told me though that they had been eating all morning so they should had enough... if she had only told me I would have made a few more...... Nicole told me that the pieces where little so she wanted me to make the same cake for her actual bday the next day.
On Saturday, her actual bday, we woke up and ate French Toast- her pick. We got ready and went to an indoor play area and they had lots of fun there. We got back home and ate, Chicken, rice and white sauce (it is called some other thing but it is what the girls call it), one of her favorites. Opened presents, ate cake. After that they wanted to try out her new video game for the computer. It is one of those learning games. After that we watch the video from when she was born. She wanted to see her first bday.... well you know, from the couple minutes after she was born.... we never video taped the actual birth..... NO WAY!!! For those that have yours tape, I congratulate you for being so brave, but I just didn't want a camera at that point, I didn't want to be concern for the camera.....
Anyway, they loved seeing videos from when they were little. Of course it makes me realize how fast they are growing and how little I am noticing the time going by. Enjoy my kids more, it is one of my new years resolutions.
Took baths, ate dinner and watched Charlie Brown- The christmas movie.
After that, time to hit the bed.
My little girl is already 5!!!!
(what just happend to my font??????-- ..... anyway)

This one was what it seemed to be the perfect present for her. A Hello kitty big girl watch. Kayla got one from grandma and grandpa when they came to visit and once she mention she wanted one. I never thought she wanted so bad, but I am sure glad. That face was worth it :)

The Cliford leaning game we also got her

Notice her earings and necklace. They were a present from my nephew Fran and his wife Leti. We got it in the mail that same morning. Thanks guys! Btw the Hello Kitty sticker they all have in their faces are a present from "tia Paqui". She sent all kind of bday decorations, invitations, and face stickers for them. Thank you also!!!

Nicole before opening presents. kayla impatiently waiting, but always with a big smile :)


The Clanton Family said...

awww am glad she had fun..she is so pretty thought.

Favianna said...

Que preciosa, se nota que tuvo un cumpleanos maravilloso.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! It sounds like it was a good day for all! I'm glad I wasn't one of the teachers in that room!

Laura said...

You mentioned New Years resolutions. Are you going to post a list? : )

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! You are in our prayers!

Pilar Stark said...

I was going to post one. It is too bad that when the ideas are coming to my mind I am not close to my computer :(. I was wanting to do it this week, but the Andrews are with us until saturday and on monday we are going to Madrid for a couple of days so... I will post them next year ;). They are coming though.. :)