Break is over

This is a photo taken at the Lyons house on thrusday after church. From left to right you have the Puente Family (my sister and her husband), the Milla Family, the Lyons Family and the Starks (yep, my eyes are close, I am just that good with photos).

Sweet Sergio a couple of days after being born, already at home, he is really too sweet.

Aunt Pilar and Sergio. He got little socks on his hands because he is just that cute and can pull it off :)

Part of my family (and an extra one) during New Year Eve dinner at my sister's house. I ended up cooking and had the tipical american: ham, green bean casserole, sweet pot. casserole, mashed pot., and then some apetizers: shrimp and canapes.

Hello my friends,
It has been a while since I got here last. We have been in the big city.
After the week of Christmas fun while the Andrews were here, on the monday before New Years we packed our car with 2 sick kids and headed up to Madrid to spend the end of the year with my family.
My sister Paqui, who lives in the States came to visit and see her first grandchild being born. Also my nephew and his wife came for the same reason (in this case would be the first nephew), so we really needed to go up and see them since we won't be able to for a few years (talking about the family that lives in the States of course), although the idea of possibly having to stop to clean up the car after Noelia got sick didn't sound like a very good idea.... poor baby :(
But praise the Lord, she didn't get sick and all we had to deal with was a cold from Noelia and Nicole.
We had a good time visiting with them on monday night and tuesday, and, with the best timing of the world, arrived my 4th grand nephew, Sergio Puente. What a sweet little boy he is, and how much fun it was to hold him as much as I could while I was in Madrid. He certaintly will be the reason for more often trips to Madrid..... him, and the Starbucks Frapps...... did I enjoy those two things.... ;) (For those wondering, although I don't imagine there are too many of you out there, I don't much care for coffee at all, but love Starbucks Coffee Frapp. but we don't have Starbucks in many places here in Spain, so when we go to Madrid, which there you have them everywhere, I take advantage of it and have them as often as I can-- they had one in the way of the hospital where Sergio was born.... ;))
It is always great to spend time with family and friends. It was encouraging to also go to the church in Azuqueca for the midweek service. Loneliness is a huge deal for missionaries, so a break from it and some christian fellowship with them was much appreciated. I will post a couple of photos of our trip.


Laura said...

I enjoyed reading what has been happening with your family in the last week. You had some good pictures. I can imagine you looking at those pictures with sweet memories for many years to come! I'm glad that you had a good visit with your family. I know you have really missed Paqui. Is Ashley doing well? I hope you have a good year, Pilar. You and Matthew and the girls are in my thoughts and prayers often. We love you!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I missed seeing you guys! I can't wait to see you all! and your little girls! I can't believe we couldn't see you! I was ready to do your family pics and all!!!!!!