A question for you ladies

What are the things that you do in your home to keep Christ the center of this Holyday Season? For those of you that are not married or have not children yet, I will also like to hear things you would like to implement in your home once those children come.
Would really appreciate your comments. Thanks


Deborah said...

I recently started a meme about Christmas traditions. Check it out if you have a chance...my post tells some of the things we do to keep Jesus the focus.
One thing we don't always do is have a Christmas tree...many years we have chosen to do something different... We have nothing against trees, we just like to keep our manger scene as the focus of our decorations. Unfortunately this practice seems to offend many people!

Dani Joy said...

We really try to make the focus giving and on What Jesus gave to us. We read the Christmas story every Christmas day of course but we also, leading up to it, read it in the picture Bible too. The boys love the picture Bible. (it has the whole Bible and is very acurate and chronalogical but of course not perserved) Something, I love about Spain are all the Manger scenes. We take the boys to all the ones we can. The boys in the past have wrapped their special toys to give to each other when they didn´t have any money to buy anything. I am sure there are many more Christ centered traditions we will be adding as the years go by. I will keep checking back to see others as well.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Pilar, I have the same question! Don't have much to suggest, but we don't do a whole lot of gift giving in our family. The kids will get one or two things each and john and I don't get gifts for each other. We try to keep the focus on Christ and what He did.

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Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

We also do not have a Christmas tree in our home. Our Christmas tradition is more about giving to others than recieving. We find a family in need and give to them. We give the kids one or two things. Aaron and I do not give each other anything. We also do a lot of get togethers without presents just a time of fellowship and being with our friends and loved ones. And... Of course, we read Luke 2.

Growing up my family always read Luke 2 and the a Christmas story called Nothing to Give for Christmas. It is about two little boys. One has a gift to give to his friend the other one does not. However the one who does not shares the story of Jesus with his friend. He accepts Christ as his Savior, which is the greatest gift of all.

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

I almost forgot---no Santa anything in this home.