After God´s own heart?

I am reading "A Woman after God´s heart" by Elisabeth George, and it is being a great blessing to do so. Every time I can crunch a little reading time to my busy day I pick up this book because there is so much that I want to apply from the book.

I got this book a couple of years ago. My sister had read it and really like it, so she sent it to me. Funny thing is that since then I have bought about 4 of those same books, never able to read it myself. I kept given them away and I kept hearing great feedbacks from it… I was sure missing a blessing.

Finally I started it. I would like to share a paragraph talking about the wives we ought to be that I thought was a blessing and something that I needed to keep in mind. Forgive me with the translation but I am reading this particular one in Spanish:

“ I can honestly say that I became a better wife and a better Christian when I became a better helpmeet to my husband. To realize that I had a mission from God to help my husband, really opened my eyes. According to God´s plan, I shouldn´t compete with ____ (her husband´s name). Instead of doing so, I should support him and back him up in every decision. He is the one that is supposed to win, and I am supposed to contribute so his win can be possible”

Submission is a tricky thing for us wives to learn…. Or am I the only one?. We ought to give our husbands our input, but sometimes we push so hard we cross the line. I know I do sometimes. I tell him what I think we should do about something and sometimes he doesn´t agree. I know at the end I am going to do what he decides, but I am not willing to give up without a fight. I know I cross the line, and I think lots of times because I fight I make him not want to do what I say even more J. I get the opposite of what I am looking for, because after all, men feel love in part by the respect they feel from us.

I am looking forward getting some more time to finish reading about our husbands and after that is going to talk about our children. Have you read this book? What was your biggest blessing from it? Did you not like it?


Laura said...

My sister in law has been trying to get me to read this one for months now! I read "Created to be His Helpmeet" a few years ago and loved it!! Not everything in it but the whole concept of a "helpmeet". My SIL said that Elizabeth George's book is wonderful and will truly bless me!! It has changed the way she is a wife.

Thanks for the inspiration, I think will look for the book today!!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I have been trying to help my husband by cooking for him. That is what he thinks is important, I do not. Thanks for the post, believe I have been thinking that way for a little while.

Ingi said...

Have you read other books by Elizabeth George? or is this your first? A missionary about an hour away as a number of her books in English and Portuguese. When we visited them, that was the first time that I heard of her.

Dani Joy said...

yep! It´s the one we are studying as a ladies group... well some of us anyway. This chapter you just quoted from was the chapter we studied last month. I think this next chapter is even more so! I just started it. I am not reading as fast as you but I may finish it this year. LOL... It´s been great!
It steps on my toes sometimes. The chapter I really loved was the one on prayer!
Maybe we can share more on it and maybe it will encourage me to read it faster. jeje

Dani Joy said...

Something just came to my mind that I could share. :) last night I was reading and the thing that stood out was this statement about what submission really means. It´s a military term. what stood out most was "dejando que las cosas sean juzgadas por otra persona" Letting another person make judgment on things. (i think) Well, I realized that I often give another judgement when Joseph says something to the boys. Not, all the time but sometimes. It´s enough that I am not being submissive! Well, I will continue on and we can share back and forth if you would like...
Nina and I were talking about the trip in June. did you get your plane ticket?

LisaShaw said...

Hey Pilar - the name sounds so familiar that I think I read it many years ago. I'm unsure. I'll have to check my bookshelves.

I'm so glad you are being blessed in your reading. Happy Mother's Day beautiful sister.

momstheword said...

I do have the book but I haven't really read it yet. I did read her book "Beautiful in God's Eyes" though.

I have written a couple of posts about submission. It's so hard to even put it into a post because there's just so much that could be said, you know?

It just comes down to we are told to submit, period. Our submission is based on God's command, not on our feelings, our emotions, or on our husband's actions or response to us.

Submission is easy when we're getting our way, isn't it?

The hardest areas for me to submit was when it involved the children and things that I (as a fraidy-cat mom) was concerned about. I would have wrapped them in duct tape or glued them to the chair, if I could have, lol!

Submission frees us, because we're not busy fighting for our "rights." There can only be one head of the house, and it's not us, lol!

momstheword said...

I forgot to tell you that I'm grabbing your button for my blog!

Alicia said...

YES! I have that book, along w/ a couple of others! I was so blessed by it! In fact, we used that book for our womens bible study one time. She is an amazing woman of God!! She was a guest at our church one time and she is also a great speaker!

Denise said...

Such a great book.