A new day

A new week starts and there are lots to do.

Our weekend was full of coughs, and fever. My little one was sick and I was freaking out it could be that swine flu. We haven´t been in contact with anyone that could have it, but I think any mother that has a child with a cough and fever gets at some point concern that it would be that.... or is it just me? Of course it wasn´t, but I didn´t feel better until after I talk to the pharmacist and told me it was more about pain and being worn out.... So, I kept pointing at Noelia´s elbow and knee and asking her if it hurts there :) ..... I know, I know.......

So, her and I have been cuddleling in the sofa.... I have loved that part. She seems to finally be feeling better, although now my two oldest are coughing a lot...... Flu part II???? Could be.

Next weeks we are having a blessing coming. A group from the spanish church in our home church is coming and spending a few days with us. They are going to be helping us go on visitation (which will help us to get a lot ahead in the map) and we will be showing them around Granada (which will be a great break for us too). So that means there are lots of preparation to do this week. Lots of cleaning. Lots of tracts stamping. Lots of printing.

I got some more reading done in the book I was telling you guys about last week, "A woman after God´s heart". What a blessing! I am done with the part on our husbands and now are half way with the children. I will be sharing the part that blessed me the most this week.

But for now you will have to wait. My highlights are long due and I have an appointment in 45 minutes :)!

Have a great day my dear friends!


Denise said...

Praying for all of your children to feel much better very soon.

Stonefox said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon and that the highlights turn out great ! :)

Nina in Portugal said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. It'd be terrible to have guests and sick kids at the same time.

Post a picture of your highlights once you're done!

momstheword said...

Nobody wants the flu at any time and the swine flu is so built up in the media, they're scaring everybody!

My friend's kids had it, the younger has asthma so he needed to go to the ER for some nebulizing treatments, but they're both fine now.

Have fun at the beauty parlor!

Dani Joy said...

oH poor babies! It´s so hard when our little ones are sick. How great you got to cuddle with Noelia too though. That´s the part I like too. Mine are more cuddly too when they are sick.
Hope they all get better by the time Tia Paqui comes!! How great it will be to have them all with you! I am so excited for you!
gonna write you an e mail. feeling for A and J greatly. it´s really been hard.

LisaShaw said...

I just said a prayer for your precious family. love you.

Anonymous said...

I pray your kids feel better soon!


Stuff could always be worse said...

Hope you all feel better, it sounds so fun to have friends visit. The cleaning is worth it.

Alicia said...

I don't think you're the only mom who got worried about the swine flu!! Not at all. There's so much media going around about that. How can we not "think" it?? But, praise the Lord...He doesn't want us to live in fear!!

Sounds like you will be busy soon! How exciting about what's coming up w/ your church family!!

And I can't wait to read what you share about the book! I need to get mine out again!! :)