What are your thoughts?

I just got this is my email and thought about sharing with you.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are about it, so please share. Right now I am processing... but I will share as soon as I can put my thoughts into words


Ingi said...

Wow! If those numbers are right, this is very scary!!! We Christians to be busier than ever!

Julia said...

Well, I just looked up the fertility rate in America and I found several articles that said that we're higher now than we were in the past-2.1. The figures I found for Muslim fertility rate in America weren't as high as the video stated either. I didn't bother researching the other country's fertility rates. It sounded like the video was using fear to get Christians motivated to witness. I don't like it when people play on others fears...it's kind of like the liberal media hyping up things like the swine flu. It just makes me angry! Come on, we as Christians have got to be a step above the liberal media.

All that being said, he did raise a valid point, Muslims are migrating and spreading their religion everywhere. We do need to be out there, witnessing to others. I just don't like how it was presented. We need to witnesses to others because of love-love for our God and compassion for others, not out of fear.

Perfect love casteth out fear. 1 John 4:18.

Pilar Stark said...

Julia and Ingrid thanks for much for sharing your ideas.
You are so right Julia, regardless of this numbers being right or not, we do have to get busy witnessing others for Christ. But like you say love will keep us doing that a lot longer that fear will.

We have a job to do wether this video is right or not.

momstheword said...

You know, America itself is comfortable, and we Christians are comfortable. We get way to comfortable. We can only pray and just remember why we are here! I know that I need His boldness to proclaim His truth!

I asked Dani and I'll ask you. Do you know of any Christian Spanish-speaking blogs? I would like to give the link to our friend's wife. She is from Columbia and is just learning to speak English.

Maria Jesus said...

Pilar i think no importan los numeros, now we are here and we have the responsability of sharing the Gospel.

Cristo es El Vencedor :)


Denise said...

We must show love, and Jesus to everyone.