25 things about me-- didn't it used to be 7??

1.- I don’t like to write facts about myself because I am always very critical of myself- I will try to control myself today :).
2.- I lived in two different countries (Spain and USA) and moved 9 times (Madrid-Spain, Jaen-Spain, Madrid-Spain, Huntsville-AL, Harvest-AL, GA, Huntsville-AL, Asturias-Spain, Granada-Spain).
3.- I enjoyed deputation very much. I think that time help me grow in the Lord and mature as a person. It taught me to be a servant, to live by faith, to be more “social”; and I was able to feel so much love from people that didn’t know me at all.
4.- Dr Pepper is my favorite drink but we don’t have it in Spain
5.- Love, love, love Starbucks Frappuccino. I actually don’t like coffee at all and there is a story of why I like Fraps. My grandma used to make “ice creams” from chocolate milk and coffee (for separate). When we went to her house in the summer she always had those. The first time I tried Starbucks Fraps (about 2 years ago), the memory of the taste of my grandma’s “ice creams” came back.
6.- I would like to lose about 20 lbs but lack of discipline and self control is keeping me from it.
7.- When something difficult comes to my life, something that I can’t do anything to change, I just don’t think about it or ignore it. It is my way to deal (or not) with things.
8.- I love to read, scrapbook and take photos but for some reason I haven’t done any of those three things for the last month or two.
9.- I don’t think I could make it without my husband and my girls.
10.- I have had headaches for the last 8 years pretty often and pretty strong. When the first one came I didn’t know the reason why so I went to the doctors and they did all kind of test. I had a continual headache at that time for 3 months. I would go to bed with it and wake in the morning with it…. It was fun.. not
11.- Before children I worked as a secretary/accountant, a day care “teacher”, a Spanish teacher and in Sears. Secretarial/accountant work is what I enjoyed the most.
12.- With three girls I can handle messes but there are times when I looked around and then suddenly go bananas and need to pick up right then or I get pretty nervous.
13.- If I stay up very late I get very nervous also and can’t got sleep
14.- I don’t like for people to touch my elbows, knees and feet. Why would they want to anyway?
15.- I hate tickles
16.- Love the sound of my children laughing
17.- Love everything about my husband…. although at times…. Ha!
18.- I am afraid of not being the godly example my girls need and the helpmeet my husband deserve.
19.- Love the color red but I only own a red shirt and a red sweater…. Go figure.
20.- I am the youngest of 6 (5 sisters and 1 brother)- My dad always says me and sister Belen were accidents (we are the ones after the boy haha). A funny story about that is that once my mom was talking about losing a child. She was the second oldest (I guess then I am the youngest of 7). Her name was Pilar (yeah like me) and she only got to live 10 days I believe. My mom went on to tell us that after her, she wanted to name one her daughters Pilar (my mom’s name is also Pilar) to continue the tradition, but she was afraid that the baby she would call Pilar would also die…… yep, she called me Pilar…. It was really funny and I had fun giving her a hard time about it for the next couple of minutes.
21.- I always wanted to go to Vienna—maybe one day :)
22.- I hate when it is time to do the meal plans for the week
23.- I miss my mom everyday (she passed away 5 years ago next may) and I am afraid that my dad would die without getting saved.
24.- I can’t wait to see the church here in Granada full of people
25.- I love when you guys leave me comments

So here is the twist. Leave me a comment with something about me that is not listed here (you don't have to be nice). If you read this post, consider yourself tagged.


Nina in Portugal said...

You're humble, sweet, encouraging and in need of a vacation!!

Ingi said...

You really believe that Spaniards and Mexicans are different! :)

Jill said...

You're warm and friendly and I enjoy getting to know you better on our blogs.

Pilar Stark said...

Nina-- You are so sweet, I do agree I need a vacation but let's see if you keep thinking the same about the sweet and humble once you meet me. :)
Ingrid-- so no funny hahaha.. well maybe a little bit
Jill-- thanks :)

Thanks for leaving the comments ladies it does make you want to blog when you know someone is "listening"

Dani Joy said...

I think you are fun loving, but tough on the outside, (as I have gotten to know you more I realize that´s how you deal with things.) YOu know what you like and you can be counted on to tell it how it is! It´s a very good quality that I am trying to incorporate more. I know you don´t like people to see you cry but I know you do. :) It´s healing isn´t it? Well, I will try to post somethings about me. I am tough on myself too though. Big hugs..without touching your elbows. jeje

Pilar Stark said...
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Pilar Stark said...

DAniella you are too funny hehe :) I don't mind people seeing me cry but I don't tear up easily... but who would have gone to find the tissue for you, Agda and Agustina if I was also crying heheheh :)We had fun didn't we? :)I think I am kind of motherly in those situations, I tend to comfort others and block myself. :)

Well, thanks ladies this is fun :)!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

You have a nephew younger than you!
You like shopping dont you?
I cant think about more now...
I love blog love too! But dont get any :( I agree that it is always more encouraging to blog when you know somebody is reading it! hehe But remember, I check yours every day! I like knowing more about you and Ashley, although Ashley is ignoring her blog, lol