A couple of days off

I got a post almost ready to put in here but it will have to wait until Monday. I am going to be out of town for a couple of days for a Ladies Meeting in Madrid. Will be back on Sunday night.
Please pray that it will be a time for me to take a break, for safety in the road (bus), for a much desired time of fellowship with other ladies from other churches, and for the Holy Spirit to talk to my heart.
I'll see you ladies soon!


Nina in Portugal said...

Enjoy yourself!!

I looked yesterday and saw where you guys are WAY, WAY down there in southern Spain......you are so far away from me! I was hoping you guys would come up here for vacation!!

Tell your husband I admire him.......he is keeping the kids at home isn't he?

Dani Joy said...

Have a great time and tell everyone I said Hi!! I was about to go down for Joseph´s game on Sat. but well, ít´s suppose to be about 5 degrees. so i decided to stay home. A Ladies meeting sounds wonderful, though and a time of rest sounds great. Tell us all about it. So happy for you!

Laura said...

I hope you will soon post how your trip was. I hope it was refreshing for you. Did Matthew and the girls do okay without you?