Nothing much to say

Hello everyone,

As the title of this post says, I have nothing much to say. It is the reason why I haven't been writing much the last weeks. I want to, really. When I am laying down in bed, right before I go to sleep, I get tons of ideas. Then the morning comes and..... all gone....

One of my new year resolutions was to blog more.... I FAILED.... although it is not the only one I am failing on.... still time to retake them, and get serious about it.

So what do you do when you are all out of blogging ideas?

Mrs Boyd was posting some "Confessions" about herself... thought that was a good idea but... not sure. What kind of things do I write about? hehehe.

I will be back as soon as I get some inspiration.... Until then, I really love reading what you have to say in your blogs. And if I don't know who you are leave me a comment so I can know you are there. You guys are great!


Nina in Portugal said...

Well, whatever it takes to find your inspiration....go get it and we'll be here waiting for you!!!

Maybe you need a day alone, shopping with a few euros in your pocket?!

Jill said...

None of my confessions were dark and deep! But after all, turn about is fair play ... so how about some confessions from you?

Dani Joy said...

You inspire me and encourage me in many ways! You are a true friend and sister!

Laura said...

Pilar, I hope you are not discouraged about your goals. Are you doing well with any of them? Maybe concentrate on one at a time. Keep a pad of paper and a pen by your bed. If you think of an idea, write it down. Don't feel pressure to blog. We look forward to reading whenever you get a chance or feel like it. On another note, how are the services there?

Laura said...

Do you want us to leave a list of things you could blog about? : )

Pilar Stark said...

Nina-- the shopping thing sounds good :). I am going to Madrid with a lady from our church for a ladies meeting. I think that would be a nice break.. :)
Jill-- You are right, I need to think about a few of those.
Daniela-- Thanks girl! Love ya too.
Laura-- Well the blogging and the diet are pretty much the things that I am not doing good with, or at all... :( It is only the 20th of Jan so I have time to bring it up. My back was keeping me from exercising and my cravings from dieting..... hahaha
Also if there is any idea of something specific that you would like me to write about sure... share along :). I will write soon about the services.

Laura said...

After the big list of goals that you had, you are doing SUPER if you are only slow on two! Good job!