More random thoughts- about something I know nothing at all

I don’t understand much about politics and neither I am going to pretend to do it, but, as a Spaniard living in Spain, but loving the United States as my second country, there are certain things that got my attention about yesterday’s speech of President Obama and the repercussions of it even here in Spain.
All morning long, we have had the Presidency speech going on in Spanish tv. We have had people commenting about it, all of them completely excited and in love with the new President of the United States of America. What is weird? Never before there has been so much attention or interest for a new president in a different country. Spanish people admire him, and wish for someone like him for our country. It doesn’t help that our politicians are a mess here in Spain.
They seem to be looking at him for leadership, as if he is the one that is going to save the world from this crisis. He got them all in his pocket. I am speaking about Spanish people here.
But what is ever weirder to me is that at times President Obama was talking as if he was going to lead the world. Is the US just the first step for him? Scary… It seems to me like the time is close coming.
Something that left me speechless was a few comments I heard/read. In a newspaper in Spain “Obama speech to the world”, and another one, very frightening to me; in the show I was watching where they were talking about the whole deal, viewers were able to send comments via msn and they were showing them in the bottom of the screen. One said: “Are we sure this man is not the Mesiah that is to come?”….. wow.
To the ones that don't live in the States, Are you living a similar situation about Obama in the country you live in?


Dani Joy said...

Scary indeed! Lord come quickly!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Incredible. The whole world seems to be sitting on the edge of their seats. It is sad that the ONE and ONLY isn't anticipated so much.

Ingi said...

The Brazilians are quite excited about Obama as well. They hated Bush. There were "Bush Bye Bye" parties in Rio de Janeiro! Some people here officially changed their name to Barack Obama! It is absolutely crazy, not to mention sad!

Ketty said...

And not only that, the weird thing also is that before Obama, all the media here in Spain spoke really bad about bush and against Americans in general. Now all the sudden, Ameridans know how to choose a leader and a good president.
Do they think this a miracle president?

Cathryn said...

Hi Pilar, I hope your time away was refreshing. It was so interesting to read about Spain's perspective on our new president. Very interesting ~ unsettling. Thank you so much for sharing it and keeping us informed. Blessings ~ Cathryn