Helping a Friend and my first GIVEAWAY coming up!

My friend Jill from Jill Boyd’s place has written a Christian Suspense Fiction book and is waiting to be published. She has posted the first 3 chapters of her book in her blog so people could read it and give her some feedback. I read them all and the book sounds so interesting that I can’t wait to read some more… and I never read ficcion! She is only sharing the first 3 chapters …. :( I asked her to send me the script so I don’t have to wait…… don’t think she will….. :(
Please, Jill, pleassseeeee!!!
Maybe by you guys going there and mentioning I sent you she would be happy with me and she would do it….. probably not :) but still, go by and help her out. Make sure you read them all. Just go to her “Blog Archive”. All of the parts are in the month of April.

This is a little excerpt of what her book is about written by her.

“My story starts out with a woman, Jennifer Hamilton, who is on the mission field in Uganda. Just before the story opens, Jennifer's husband is killed in an auto accident, and Jennifer and her three children are stranded in the Ugandan town where they've lived for the last three years. There is a lot of political unrest in the area, and rebels attack the town while Jennifer and her children are in the marketplace. An American man in the marketplace rescues the family and then helps them escape. In the process of trying to get back to the States, Jennifer discovers that her husband was actually an intelligence agent and the missionary life was his cover. Once back in the States, Jennifer not only has to come to terms with the fact of her husband's deception, but she also finds out that the enemy thinks her husband might have passed crucial information on to her before he died. The only way to protect herself and her children is to find the information before they do. A task that might be a lot easier if she had any idea of what she was looking for. And if she knew who to trust with the information once she finds it.”

Now, stay tune with me because pretty soon I am going to be hosting my first giveaway!!!!!!. I am excited to share it with you because I know that whoever wins is going to receive a great blessing!


Jill said...

Pilar, thank you so much for doing this! I was really surprised to see my name on your blog this morning, but I really appreciate it! You're sweet.

Tori said...

Heading over there to take a look-see!

Nina in Portugal said...

Isn't Jill a sweetie?!

Looking forward to your give-away!!

(But don't choose a plate like the one I already have...choose something else...okay?!!?)


Dani Joy said...

That was a great book review. I hope the book will be published soon cause I hate waiting to read the rest of the story.

I printed all three Chapters last night and will be giving comments on them. I have enjoyed it so far!

I was thinking if we could make a button for it we could promot it more. Do you know how to do that? I haven´t figured it out yet.

Count me in on the give away! jeje
I would do a give a way but have no idea what to give away.

A Hamster anyone? LOL

Nina, You can´t be choosy you know. jeje!

Arlene said...

Hmmm... I came over to vote in your poll, but I guess you took that post and the poll down? I wanted to see what names you had been thinking about! :o) Oh, well!

Anyway, I'm always looking for a good new book to read, so I can't wait for this one to come out -- sounds great!

Jen said...

Cool! Our outreach team is about to go to Uganda!

Aliene said...

Read Jill's chapters. Just wish it did not end there. Now.. Just what will you be giving away? I like surprises. First to see what it is. And really would be surprised to win the unannounced
suprised give-a-way. I just don't know what to give away or I would do one. Maybe I'll come up with one.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

The book sounds great, Pilar! THanks for introducing us to Jill!