Monday Ministry

Today I am guest blogging over at KJV blog for their Monday Ministry Highlights. I am posting this entry here in my blog too, but if you would like, you can go there and read the many other post written by many other ladies everyday. I am sure you will come out blessed from that site.

This morning the devil is attacking the work here in Granada, and the Starks household. It is in times like these that the devil wants us to think about how much easier things would be if we were not in the ministry. Being in the mission field it is not just about starting a chuch, going on visitation, inviting people to church and leading people to Christ. That is what people read in the prayer letters. But for the missionaries, on top of that, it is about feeling rejected by the people around us, about being called a cult, about people prohibiting other people come to church. It is about spiritual warfare and about humiliations as well.

See, last Friday our little group met for first time for our prayer service. We were there for 3 hours. Fellowshipping? Nop, we were singing, listening about prayer, and praying. On Saturday, our little group came over to our house, we had a Mexican meal and we had a great time. The ladies came at 11:30 am and didn’t leave until 9:00 pm. Eating, fellowshipping, watching the first movie of the Left Behind series and talking about the things to come and the need to work for the Lord NOW. We also had David coming for the meal, and although he is being used by the devil today to attack our little group, he had a great time on Saturday with us. On Sunday we had a great S.S and great morning service talking about “Hope in times of discouragement” and “Getting to know our enemy”. And see, the devil is just not happy. He is so not happy.

But this is not the thought I want to leave you with, because although the devil try to discourage us, we are not discouraged. We are rejoicing in the Lord because we know that the devil may win fights, but he won’t win the battle. We are on the winning side praise the Lord!!!

These photos are from the good time we had on Saturday.

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Jen said...

Yes, it is such a battle but praise God He has already won it!

Dani Joy said...

Great idea to put a button! I was gonna do that the last time and I didn´t get it to work. You got it started! Good job!
I love these pictures! Such a blessing to see as we also got to meet the ladies too! :)

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm sorry the devil is attacking. that means you're busy about our Father's business....and for that I am thankful!

I enjoyed the pictures and appreciate you sharing them.

Praying for you now!