I am here!!

(The Contreras and us.... I am taking the photo... someone has to right? :))

Hello everyone,

Yea, I am still around :)! We have had visitors over the weekend, so we have been busy showing them around Granada, catching up ('till 2 am.... I am getting too old for that :)... especially because Noelia still wakes up at 8am :)), and having just some good old christian fellowship/

Tomorrow I should be able to post some photos of our great fun weekend. Nina, now it is your turn to enjoy the Contreras' family. :)!!


Dani Joy said...

It´s been great!!! What a wonderful time! thank you so much for having us and allowing us to make ourselves at home.

Great fellowship and relaxation! a must need on the mission field or any ministry!!!


Laura said...

I missed you! I'm glad you had good fellowship with your friends!

Tori said...

Wow, how cool is that? So glad you got to spend some time together and fellowship!