Trying to be a good mom

Last Sunday after church it was raining outside and there was really nothing for my girls to do. I could have let them watch a movie, but what is the fun on that. I could have sent them to play in their room with their toys, but what is special about that. So for first time ever I let them use the aquarelles and brushes and paint a picture. I bought that set last summer and never got brave enough to let them use it inside the house.

Now before you judge me, I must say that I am not on of those mom that don’t let their kids play inside the house. Their bedroom and, at least, our living room, is always a mess with toys all over, colour pencils, books…. We live in my house, it is ok. But one thing is to let them have toys all over that can be pick up easily at the end of the fun, and another thing is to give them something that can ruin a piece of furniture. I have proof, this picture was take on Thanksgiving after my youngest daughter decided to try out as a graffiti artist.

Anyway, I tried, they concord, and it was a success. Here is the proof


Jill said...

My home is regularly a disaster area, and I still hesitate to bring out the "big messies". Silly, isn't it? You're daughters' pictures are great, and I love the total look of intense concentration when they were painting.

Jen said...

Looks like fun!

Tori said...

Aww, they are regular little artists, BRAVO girls!

Dani Joy said...

You give me courage to bring out our paints. I always feel badly that I don´t do more hands on artsy stuff.
What great fun! they did great!
Good job, Mom!

Rachel Smith said...

I don't brave this one too often. I definitely don't brave it without some paint shirts and a HUGE table cloth. I am impressed.

Looks like they had fun. Beautiful pictures.

Alicia said...

Oh..I bet they had so much fun w/ the paint! I'm the same way too. I don't like to deal w/ the mess, but I've learned to trust them more, now that they're older!!

Their paintings are beautiful!

momstheword said...

Oh cute pictures! I remember the days of messy paints and messy playdough. I still have some of those precious pictures they created! (We painted over the wall, however).

I forgot about the perm, lol! I had one too. It was a spiral perm and totally ruined my hair. I had to get several inches cut off after that.

Muthering Heights said...

It looks like they had a blast! What serious little artists...I love it. :)

Nina in Portugal said...

Way to go Mom!!

You won brownie points for that!

I always have let them have paints....and messes are always made, but that's okay. One day they'll be in houses of their own and I'll wish they were here to still make messes!

(And I can go to their houses and make messes!! hehehe)

Seriously...I love to paint and play with play dough as much as they do....so I never mind the mess.