Forgiving and other thoughts

Everyone has a soft, weak area in their lives right? Something that Satan just keeps touching to make sure you don´t heal. Or maybe is the same stone you just keep falling on, over and over again. Here in Spain we say “Man is the only animal that falls twice with the same stone”. Do you have something similar in your country too?. It certainly can be discouraging to keep having to ask forgiveness for the same thing over and over again. But don´t give up thinking why to ask forgiveness one more time knowing it may happen again, because that is exactly what Satan wants.

Well, don´t worry, I am not about to “preach”. I am in no position to do such a thing. Just sharing what is going on in my mind right now.

Last Monday I heard a message from my pastor back in the States. It was talking about “ No looking back”. It was a great blessing. At one point it was talking about those that get stuck in their past sins. How us dwelling in the past, keeps us from going forward. Anyhow, he went on to talk about getting stuck in other´s past “sins” towards us. I think that is a great point. One I really need to work on. I want to believe I am a forgiving person. My problem is that after the same person does the exact same thing to me over and over again, I start having a hard time forgiving. I tent to say “ Well, after so many times “sorry” is not enough. If you were sorry you wouldn´t do it all the time”. Funny I say that, because I struggle with pretty much the same things over and over again. But with a broken heart I go before my God begging for forgiveness, praying He would and knowing He would. Just to do the very same thing, for the very same reason, not too long later. Does anyone understand what I am saying? Or I go asking my husband forgiveness for my temper just once again, wanting him to forgive me.

I need to remember that next time my girls leave the toys all over the floor, or next time my little one jumps on the sofa, or next time my husband does the very thing I “figure” he knew I didn´t want him to do (that attitude in itself can take another post).

This is just one of the things that have been in my mind these last couple of days. There is one more that I may share tomorrow.

Another thing that has been going on in my house is a little “bug” that has been breaking any machine around my house. On Monday, my computer broke, my husband was able to fix it, just to break again a few hours later. I think it is pretty dead. My husband´s computer also broke on Monday. So we had to go to the store and purchase a computer because in my house and with the ministry, a computer is a must. We were going to anyway, but we were hoping to wait a couple more months of savings…. Oh well.
Then my washer machine wasn´t working and neither was my dryer. Praise the Lord my husband did something and now they are both working, and we are able to wear clean close. A blessing to those around us hahahhaha
Well, as long as my flat-iron keeps working I am all right ,) ha!!

Well ladies, must go one with my day. It is beautiful outside and I am going to take my girls to the park after I get some Bible reading done. Who is complaining????? I am not!!! Count your many blessings, see what God has done!!!!

Make sure you enter for my first ever giveaway. You only got two more days!! But before you do that leave me a little word here, I am not feeling the love these days ;)


Jill said...

Pilar, I would hate for you to not feel the love! : ) Seriously, though, this was a great post. Very thought (and conscience) provoking.

Deborah said...

Thanks for this post!
Forgiveness has been on my mind alot lately too. So much so that I wrote a song called Seventy Times Seven. I posted it in the last week or so.

Dani Joy said...

I usually am very forgiving and have to ask for forgiveness a lot. ;) I am getting a little tired of the cycle though. but as you mentioned we must keep forgiving.

We gotta keep on!

oh I hope you get that bug killed. :)

Te quiero en Cristo!

Laura said...

Hugs to you, Pilar! I hope you are feeling encouraged soon. I'll be praying extra for you! You are a blessing to me1

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Hi Pilar,
Sorry, haven't been around much lately. Got a big push going for school. Colton and I have spring fever!

Thanks for the thoughts on forgiving. How I need the Lord's forgiveness, and am thankful for it!

Anonymous said...

Glad your washer & dryer are working again. My husband's computer broke a few weeks ago also. There's just never a good time for something like that to happen.

Great post! Hope you enjoyed the park.


Ashley said...

I enjoyed that, it is true we all like to be forgiven, but struggle sometimes with forgiving. we were discussing in church the other night whether it is harder to forgive, or to ask forgiveness???? Both require humility and genuineness (is that a word?) Love you guys.

A Child of the King said...

Wow. I am so glad that you are not above sharing your heart and thoughts. When I say to one of my children, when you say sorry you have to mean it, or I correct them for a wrong attitude, as the words are coming out of my mouth, my heart is saying,Are you praticing that, are you doing this or that?
I hope the bug doesn't travel stateside ;)