A little geeky and a little cool

Today is Geeky/Cool day, at least I have decided so. We all have a cool side and a geeky side. Some have one more develop than the other :). Everyone hates to be a geek while in high school, and everyone wants to be the cool gal in class, maybe not the most popular, but at least somewhat cool. Many geeks just want to be invisible.

When I was in high school I went through both sides. I was a geek (a really, really big geek) my first 2 years, and somewhat cool the other 3 (yeah, I did my senior year twice… I liked it too much… yeah right). Now that I am older it doesn’t matter anymore….I certainly would not want to go back to high school, but seriously, unless you were a big shot, who would want to go back?

So I am going to share a geek and a cool moment, and maybe in the future I would share some more of those. I am not going back to high school, at least not this time.

I have some geek moments sometimes when I make jokes. I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor, I love it, I am not ashamed of it. It is not very understood at times, especially when I was in the States. It was funny because I think people sometimes wondered if I was joking, if I was for real, or if what I was saying sounded strange because I was from Spain. You know the “I don’t think I am understanding you right”. Later on, they knew my English was good enough, so they just thought I was serious. I think it was because I can keep a pretty straight face while I am making the joke, but really what is the fun in sarcastic humor if they know to begin with that you are joking. Sometimes, in the beginning, I will pull out the “Oh, I am sorry, that is not what I meant” even if I meant what I said, when I had realized I had cross the line. Yeah, maybe not too honest, but can’t you blame it for using it? Anyhow, back to my geeky time, sometimes I just surprise myself with what I come up with and start laughing at my own joke. I will try to say it but I can’t, because I am laughing. People will be looking at me wondering what in the world I am laughing at, and all I can say is “sorry, I can’t, I am just too funny”…..how geeky is that.

Cool time…. Well, when Matthew and I had just met, we went (by then separate ways) to the Fall Festival at our church. We always have games and stuff where you can get candy and stuff for winning. Well, Matthew and I were pretending to run into the same games, because we were already interested on each other. So I “bumped” into Matthew in the balloon game. They had balloons all over the wall and you would use the darts to hit them and then you would get candy. So, he saw me coming and wanted to impress me, so he said “Pilar, pick a balloon color and I will hit it”, so I did and he did hit one of the balloons with the color that I had chosen. He was all proud and I was all impress. We went on, on our own and then he “bumped” into me when I was in the drinks game. They had tons and tons of soda bottles and I had 2 rings. The game was to throw the ring and try to catch a bottle with it (I hope I am making sense). Now, to understand what I did afterwards you will have to understand that I am not very athletic and that I stink at this type of things. So Matthew came from behind and stood next to me trying to make me nervous (you know flirty young things). Instead of getting nervous I looked at him and asked him “Matthew, not only pick a soda flavor, but pick a soda bottle, and I will get that exact bottle”… I don’t know what I was thinking. He knew that I loved DrPepper so he picked the only bottle left, and then made me give a couple steps back so I could even even farer from the bottles. So, I got my first ring and….. got the exact bottle he had pick. For a micro second I was amazed myself but couldn’t show it…. I had a cool moment.

So, now your turn. Where you geeky or cool in high school? Go ahead and comment, let us know some geeky and cool times of yours. Let's have some laughs

Now, another question. This also would show me how many people have read this long post by the comments I get hehehhhe. I was thinking about changing my blog name, because after all, it is only me from the Stark Family that gets in here. So wanted some cool, no geeky at all name... something original.... of course I don't have a brain for those kind of things. Any help from ya?


Arlene said...

Isn't it great when you have a cool moment like that?! I wish I had more cool moments, lol, I tend to have more of the nerdy moments, I think! I laugh at my jokes all the time, and my husband just rolls his eyes and laughs at me. I can't help it I'm so funny, too! :P

I'm not good with coming up with names... my best friend says I am, but I think she's just saying that! :P Maybe think about some Bible verses you really like and pick a title from there? That's what I did with my blog title.

But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.
~Psalm 5:11
My best friend is always talking about how much she loves her life and her family, and how much God has blessed her, so for her title, I came up with Infinitely Blessed.

Maybe you can think of some words that sum up how you feel about your life and get something from that. :o)

P.S. I was going to tell you that I had known my husband less than a year by the time we were married, too! :o) Sometimes I even think I wish we had gotten married sooner! :P I will never understand the people that knew each other for years, then dated for years, and then waited more years to get married, lol!

Jill said...

I was a geek in high school. I always wanted to fade into the background. I joke that I only developed a personality after I was 35!
As far as a title, how about "Sass and Sarcasm from Spain"? : )

momstheword said...

Ummm....well, I kind of bounced back and forth between the popular crowd and a quiet crowd. Isn't that funny? Polar opposities, lol! I just hung out with whoever I felt like being with that day, lol!

I'm not very good with names. I thought I made up "momstheword" then found out there are lots of us out there, lol!

I thought of The Stark Truth but it sounds like a newspaper or something!

Pilar's Passions sounds like something you would block from your kids.

What about Living For Him or something. I don't know. Sorry!

Beka said...

That's funny! I love reading your blog, but I'm not very good at coming up with neat names.

Dani Joy said...

Ok, so I was ( emphasis on was ) the worlds clutsiest girl.

I was about 12 years old and we went to our local hamburger restaurant where all the teens worked from the nearby schools. I knew I would work there one day or at least I hoped so. I ordered a milkshake. It was Sunday so I was in my best dress and was feeling kind of pretty. (emphasis on kind of)When I got my milkshake my mom said.."Now, Danielle, be careful cause it doesn´t have a top on it. Don´t dump it down the front of you." (I was 12 remember ) ;)
I put the straw in and proceeded to take a sip, saying "Don´t worry Mom I won´t."

I drank from the straw but tipped it at the same time and dumped it all down the front of me. I wanted to just crawl into a hole. My mom sat there laughing her head off and all the cute guys working there (even some from my church) were staring at me. OH man, What a GEEK!!

Thankfully I sort of out grew that stage and one of my cool moments was when I was elected the Soccer team captain in my Junior year of High School.

I am not too creative either. so names elude me. that´s why my blog is named after our family too. jeje
But I like the idea of using a Bible verse or a Song or even something from your personality. I love Alicia´s name.. Confessions from a Snowflake. I might not confess that but it´s too cute!!

Thanks for the laugh, girl!
A big Cyber Hug to you!!

A Child of the King said...

Well it does not take much to make me laugh. R will say some of the strangest things or tell some of the silliest jokes that really do not make much sense, but I will laugh so hard I sometimes snort which in turns makes me laugh even harder. Ok that might have been to much info, oh well ;0

I was a band geek in High School, so while all the cool girls dressed up for the football games I had to wear the oh so famous band uniform. Off the top of my head I really don't remember much from my years of school, I didn't enjoy the majority of it and I am with you on the whole not wanting to go back and do it again. I barely survivied the first time.

As far as a name for your blog, that is a hard one. It took me weeks to decide on one. It actuall took weeks to decide on all the details for my blog. I will be thinking though.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I was a geek until now I got older and no longer care. Great blog and very well written. I can't think of a name for you.