A little revelation and a link for missionary wives

I am so proud of myself (wow, you don’t hear often things like that coming out of my mouth). Yesterday, after I wrote my time management post I decided to start working at it. I got tons of stuff done. Got to clean the whole house, do laundry, got my devotionals done, a little rest watching the girls play in the patio, got my grocery list and meal plan done, grocery shopping done, sit with the girls and watch a movie, updated the church’s blog, got to chat in the messenger with Dani and Nina, got to talk in the phone with my friend Deanna…. a few more things….. so it was great….. until it came time to go asleep and I turned and turned until 3am…. Don’t really know why. At 7 am Noelia was up. Praise the Lord for my wonderful husband that needed to work in the house today and kept an eye on Noelia so I could sleep longer today….. Thanks babe. But that is another story.

I have come to realize that I spend a lot of time in the computer. A lot of times I don’t intent to, but my home page is my blog, so sometimes I am looking for something and I notice that someone that I follow has updated their blog, so I go on and check it and then I get caught up in it. Sometimes it could happen a couple times a day. Of course, that took a lot of my time.

So, yesterday I left it to once a day, and it made a huge difference. I even got to mark a couple of things off my long list I posted the other day :).

My husband was telling me (he is a business major so he always things numbers) that when you are trying to set up a budget, you write your every expense for a month and then make the budget with that info. That sounds similar to what I was going to do. So my plan is to write what I do every day and how much time that takes me for a week. Then I will set my schedule out of that and review it every week in case anything needs to be change. When I come up with it I will post it in case anyone can find use of it. I will try to stick to it as much as I can, and will let you know how all evolves. I do need to check flylady because I already had a couple of ladies telling me about it. I think if I do that I can still keep up with my blog and yours everyday.

Now this is for you especially, missionary wives. I am going to share a link that a missionary friend shared with me. It was pretty interesting. It is called “The missionary “supermom”” written by Karla Hawkins from Abilene, Texas. To read it just click here and it will take you to the article. Let me know what you think about it. What do you agree with and what you don’t; If you have seen in your life some of those unrealistic expectations occurring, some of the problems that they talk about here. I Would love to hear your comments.

Let me share a little bit from the article to give you a little taste:

"Many missionary wives and mothers try to please everyone. These "super moms" are under great pressure to satisfy expectations from all sides. They try to balance their family and their call to ministry under difficult circumstances overseas. These women not only give of themselves but they sacrifice themselves for the cause. An important question becomes: What is the difference between giving and sacrificing in the role of missionary wife and mother?"


Nina in Portugal said...

You are a time management machine!!

You go girl!!

After you're done keeping track of your time for a week, let me know where you spent too much time, cause I'm sure that's my problem too.

You will be "killing two birds with one stone".

Do they say stuff like that in Spain?!

Pilar Stark said...

We do Nina, we say it too, only it sounds a little different hehe ;) "Matar dos pajaros de un tiro" so it is more like "kill two birds from one shot"... I guess we are a little more aggressive here haha :)

I will let you know about my little schedule. I am still searching for flights ;(

momstheword said...

I am looking forward to seeing your schedule! I love seeing other people's schedules.

Dani Joy said...

Awesome, girl! Praise the Lord!I am so happy for you. and this is great idea!

Today was definitely an all around productive day for me too. :) Still have a pile of laundry to fold and exercise to do but I´m gettin there. First, to read this great article you posted about. :)

I like it alot and will print it.
This statment stood out.

"A wife's attitude is critical; by far the greatest number of early returns (home) result from family-related, not job-related problems

I have told my self this so much. I don´t want to be the reason we leave the field ever! This adds preasure on me but I think this preasure is a good kind helping me to stay focused on what´s important and on my attitude.

"Children also need their mother to spend time with them, read stories, play games, and talk to them about life. Missionary kids (Mks) can face almost anything if they have a home base where they know they are unconditionally loved"

This is something I want to strive for more and more. I love playing games with the boys. (most games anyway) I can be tough on the boys and really need to relax some.. but find the balance on relax and expecting them to obey.

We need to definitely take the time for Spiritural nourshment. Oh how sad it is when I think of Dorothy Carry, but a grave reminder of how important it is to keep track of my nerves. It´s a decision.

Love the coping methods!
The exercise one and the relaxation one! :)

One thing I miss is making alone time early in the morning to go have my devos in a special place out in the fresh air. I use to do this when I was younger. and few times since the boys were born.

Thanks for sharing this article!
You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made to Be Matthew´s help meet, the girls mommy and a missionary servant of God!

Jen said...

Girl, don't even get me started on expectations! I'm actually in the process of praying through where my commitments should be. I tend to take on lots of things and before I know it, I have my hands in everything! Not healthy, I tell you. I'm looking forward to seeking the Lord in the next couple of days and hearing from Him where I need to spend my energy. (Of course Him and my family are definitely at the top!)

Aliene said...

Pilar, Thanks for stopping by.
It is a thrill to hear about different mission fileds and what the Lord is doing through our missionaries. God bless all of you.

LisaShaw said...

Precious Pilar, I'm cheering you on Sister!!!! The computer is time consuming when we allow it to manage us. I'm so glad that you set a schedule and that it worked for you. Feels good to check off things you've accomplished doesn't it?

I pray for you and all the missionary wives and mothers and for your spouses and children.

God bless you sweet sister.

Rachel Smith said...


I too have had to limit my computer time. It is soo easy to get sucked in. I get tons more done when I stay away from it. Although, some days I just want to spend time getting caught up with my friends all across the globe.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Isn't it amazing how much more we can get done when we leave the computer off. I am trying to learn this one. It can be a great temptation and a terrible time stealer. Thanks for that reminder. And I hope your schedule goes well.

Thank you for your prayers. You are so right. Sometimes it just helps to know someone cares and is praying. I do feel much better this evening. Things will get better. I know they will. I'll just keep believing in the only One who can help.

The article sounds like a great one. I can definitely see where there would be unrealistic expectations and difficult roles to fulfill. I pray God gives you the wisdom to know how to balance it all.

It was nice visiting with you. I hope to come back soon!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

I think that article is really good... that lady must know me!

Do you feel these expectations? I often do! It is draining physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

I think that as a wife and mother, our main place of service is in the home. What good would it do it everyone in our town got saved, but we lost our own children? I love to be involved in the Lord's work, but have to remember that my home and family is the Lord's work. This is what He has for me at this point in my life. I can clean, teach school, and prepare meals to His glory. I can try to be the help meet that God wants me to be to my hubby. There will be a day when my kids are gone, and I can take on more responsibilities. Right now... I just don't have alot of extra time. Oh, how I need the Lord's strength and help!