A day in the park... or not

After 3 weeks of constant rain we finally woke up to a sunny day… at least so far :). It looks like the clouds are trying to fight it and sometimes you can see a dark spot. Still, so far it hasn’t been any rain.
Of course after all those days at home, as soon as I woke up and saw the sun I told everyone, “get ready, we are going to the park”. I was all excited, we were going to get out and walk, walk, walk… yeah!!!
So we got ready, headed to a big park with a really nice playground (if we were finally going to get to do it we were not going to settle for a small place) and after driving around the block for a parking a few times unsuccessfully (benefits of being in the city) we decided to pay to park in a private parking. After all it was our only chance.
We got out and then…….. soooo coooolllllddddddd, beautiful sunny day but windy and sooooooo cooolllllllldddddddd. After all, we are in February. We went back to the car, no chance for the park, you can imagine the conditions of the ground after 3 weeks of rain. Somehow the excitement of the sunny day didn’t allow me to think that 1.- we are in February and surrounded by snowy mountain which turns Granada into a freezer and 2.- It had rain for so long that the ground is now muddy and there are fun, fun puddles all over.

Note to myself--- Purchase rain boots by next year.

I didn’t want to give up on the fun of playing in a playground still though, after all my girls were now all excited and I didn’t want the party pooper. So we went to an inside playground and they play there for an hour. Nice and warm, and just as fun. To top it all we went to McDonalds where after a nice low fat lunch… yeah right….. they were able to play in their playground for a while longer. Still, I had a great morning with my favorite people- my girls and my husband.

Did you guys ever watch the “Ultimate gift”? So good. I watched it last night and it was great. Rent it, buy it, download it, do whatever but watch it. One thing though, keep the tissues close by.

On Monday we are going up to Madrid to the American Consulate to take care of the renewal of the passports. We will spend a few days there to be with my family. I didn’t get a chance to see them last time, and not much in Christmas, so we will be taking advantage of the trip we already had to do anyway. Guess what my first stop is going to be? He, he.
I will check on you gals as I can but I probably won’t be able to post until I come back. Miss me.


Ingi said...

Have a good time in Madrid!

Dani Joy said...

You will be missed! What´s that movie about? Hadn´t heard of it. Glad you all got to play after all in a park even if it was indoors. We had to do the same. It´s been raining non stop here. (usual but at the same time people are saying it´s been unusually cold and unusually long.)thanks for the talk too!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

You're funny :) It sounded like a great day! I'm glad to hear you guys had a good time!!! We had our first saturday off!!!! we really needed it!
Careful with starbucks! I know where you're heading! lol
Tell my family I said hi! man, I already miss Spain...
And have a great trip! try to post something during the trip! I'm gonna be checking your blog no matter what, hehe
btw, not trying to make you guys jealous, but it has been 60 degrees here for 2 days! It was awesome!

Rachel Smith said...

Hey! Just checking in with you to do some catching up since I have been out of touch for a while.

Sorry about all of the rain! Stay dry!!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Hope you have a great time! There's a little something for you on my blog when you get back. :)

GraceFromHim said...

A new blog to visit!
Lovely Family