A little taste of Spain

A couple of weeks ago I heard something in a tv show that really disturb me. It was kind of the type of show where they give the latest news many times with a little extra because they like to do little debates on each issue afterwards. Wasn’t sure how trust worth trust this show was.

The issue. A new law passed by the supreme court in Spain about a “new” class. Education for the citizenship. This class interferes with whatever moral education you are giving your children, which is our responsability and not the educational system because then would be idelogical tool for whatever political party is in rule at that time.

I should back up a little bit. When we were coming to Spain I started praying about God’s perfect will for the girls schooling. Now, I am not against any of the choices there are out there. But we all know that the right choice for one person may be the wrong for another. I say this because I don’t want anyone to take anything personally. Okay??
Anyhow. I started praying, I didn’t really want to homeschool. Nothing against it, just didn’t think it was for me. I don’t have the patience or the education to give my children the right education. But, I was willing to do it if it was what God were to want for my family. I am not much in contradicting God when He gives me a clear direction. I am smart like that J
I didn’t want to do public school. I was afraid of the teachings, the freedom and the lack of involvement. Now, I grew up mostly in Public School, so those thought were fully based on personal experiences.
My thinking was Private School. No Christian schools here so there was not a choice like that, otherwise there would have not been any doubts. I search, all catholics and very, very expensive.
I prayed, I got frustrated waiting for my answer, I cry, asked ladies in my church to pray, and prayed some more.
My answer came with disbelieved on my part. Public school was my answer. But there was so much peace that I took that path and have been really happy since then. I knew that in a couple of years, when the girls were a little older, I may have to reconsider, but I thought I had a couple of years.

So back to present time. I heard about this class. It would teach about tolerance and civil rights (equality in the home between man and woman, different “kind” of families…..) I don’t think I have to tell you what that means. But a little phrase that puts the fear on me is “this class would teach the children to identify and put away any opinion or attitude that would lead to intolerance”. Another head line in the news explains what that “tolerance” really means “the gays, lesbians and transsexual groups are excited about this step forward”…. Do I have to say anything else?. We all know that when they talk about “tolerance” and “respect” they never mean to Christians.
Now, I will educate my children to respect the sinner, but the sin??? No way!

I started investigating and it is just like the show explained. There would start implanting that class as a non-optional class. They would start in elementary (I need to find out which grade), and there is not an option (rule passed the 28 jan 09) to object to this class (meaning you can’t choose to keep your child out of the class), you can’t file for it, but you know in advance by law and by others trying it anyway that they won’t allow you to. They are planning to do this sometime soon in all schools in Europe.

So what do I do? I will talk to the director to see how long do I have to make a choice. Stay in school to take that class… No way.
Homeschool in Spain? It is not illegal, but not legal either, especially when your passport is Spanish. Pretty much they make your life impossible and they threat you to take your kids, or put you in jail, until you give up or move away.
No many appealing options uh?
So I need to inform myself, and pray lots. Pray for us please.

P.S. I know I didn’t explain myself very well, my head huts, and my heart aches, but if you get the idea at all, please pray that God would tell us what to do.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sad to hear this news. I will be praying for the answers to come from God. He can perform a miracle for your family and give you grace in the eyes of your local school administration. I will pray.

It makes me think of Daniel when he would not eat the king's meat and Shadrack, Meshack, and Abendigo when they wouldn't bow to the idol. God will make a way if it's His will they attend public school.

Try to remember that the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord.

Dani Joy said...

I will pray! It has touched us in away even though we homeschool. Our close friends are having to go through with the class. It saddens us all.
One to contact also is Ketty. She is on top of the laws for homeschooling. I know you know that but just a reminder. :)

We are going out there to do school one Friday with their group. We may be going this weekend.

Pilar Stark said...

I did, I talked to Ketty. She was the one telling me the info I gave about homeschooling :) But thanks for suggesting :)

Rachel Smith said...

Praying for you in a special way!