January Photos

I just downloaded some photo from my camera from the month of January and thought I would share with you guys since some of you are family and any more, I am not very good in sending photos by email like I used to.
My #1 and my #3 child
My #1 and my #2

My three girls... so beautiful

Got milk?... Or yogurt in this case :)

My baby is not a baby anymore :(

Kayla with out "spanish smores" on a Sunday evening

Lauren, Olga and I (from church) in my living room sofa on a Sunday evening

Kayla and Nicole making bracelets. They both told me that when they grow up they want to be jewery designers... among other things.. :)

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Dani Joy said...

Love your cuties!!! Love Kayla´s eyes, Love Noelia´s smile and Love Nicoles cheeks! They are sooo beautiful! thanks for sharing these pics! I have to admit that at the moment I have not gone through my books in a while. I will look and see what I might be able to give away. :) Miss ya!