It is pouring!!

I don’t know where you live, but in my corner of the world it hasn’t stop raining for the last 3 weeks. And I am not talking about a soft thin rain, but pouring rain it is.

How much can it rain? And I am used to rain let me tell you. The place we lived before this, for a year and a half, it was the type of place that it would rain for 300 of the 365 days that the year has.

We have been stuck in the house pretty much for all this time… :) I am going crazy.

It is amazing how the weather can affect your mood. I do have to say that it is not the case right now, but it is amazing how much we allow circumstances to change our mood, emotionally and sometimes even spiritually. Of course, now I am not just talking about a few weeks of rain.
I am finishing my last few pages of the book “Lies that women believe …”. Just yesterday I was reading about this very thing. It is impossible to control our circumstances, but it is possible to control how we are going to let them affect our lives. This is what we can see if Paul’s life in Phil. 4:11-12. When something hard comes to my life, I run to God. But I run to Him in a wrong way. I go asking Him to free me from the difficulties, instead of asking Him to allow me to learn from them in a way that His glory would be shown. There is a paragraph that I am going to try to translate for you because it holds a lot of truth. I am reading the book in Spanish, so, as always, forgive me for my English. This is taken from page 207 of the book: “Dear child of God, your heavenly Father would never take you to a place where His grace cannot sustain you. We would never put a burden on you that would exceed His grace to carry us through. If the path before you seems infinite and distressing, be encouraged. Look up to Him. Look for that day when all suffering will end. And remember that in His presence all tears and all sadness of life won’t be more that shadows next to the beauty and glory of His face. Without any doubt you will say: -His amazing grace brought me with safety home-.”

It is funny because last night I got a call from a friend that needed to talk because she is going through exactly that. Difficult situations in her life, things that she can’t control, are controlling her so much she in discouraged in her service for the Lord. I was able to share what I just read and while I was on it, let it soak in my own life. I have gone through that before and I am sure I will through it again.


Nina in Portugal said...

Rain, Rain Go away...come again another day!!

It's rained here for 3 weeks straight too.....I'm tired of it!

Great attitude...thanks for sharing!

Dani Joy said...

I just wrote something and lost it. :( Well, it´s just not coming out the same as I had it written. I will have to call.. any way thanks for this post. It was encouaging! Keep on the Sunny Side of Life!

Jill said...

Thank you, Pilar! That's the second time this week that something you wrote touched and encouraged me. You ought to be a pastor's wife or something! : )jk

Deborah said...

Well, three weeks of rain makes me thankful for snow! I don't do well with cloudy wet days, never mind pouring rain. At least we get lots of sun even if we're freezing! LOL Thank you for making me thankful!

Jen said...

We're in rainy season here in the northern part of South Africa. But we'll have a few days of beautiful sunshine and then a few days of rain. I can't imagine 3 weeks of rain!

P J Lipscomb said...

For years, I would get so depressed when the skies were gray. One day I rent on the roof of my apartment and really pray and rebuke that depression. From that day one, I was not longer depressed by rainy days.