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Hey everyone. I am sorry, I am not sure what but I did something and it doesn't allow anyone to comment on my last post...... I know everyone wanted to comment on my cute family.... ;)
You may use this one to do so.... Okay, now don't make me look bad and comment hhehehehe

Oh great..... now I don't know what I did and my signature disappear...... I think I better go for tonight....... :)


Rebecca said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment.
I would definitely recommend the book you commented on.(Prayer Asking and Receiving by John R. Rice)
It really did change my life, I desire to pray prayers that move heaven. I desire to live life so that others see him working in my life and that book increased my desire to pray more.
Hope you enjoy.
God bless
Looking forward to learning more about your ministry.

Nina in Portugal said...

Your family photos are fabulous!

You look great, by the way, what's got you on a pity party?

Dani Joy said...

You must have had such a great time! Praise the Lord you can see your family! The cousins and aunts must be great for the girls! We are praying for children here. Our boys are a little in need of some Christian kids. I think that´s why they have camp on the brian. They have Asael ( 4 year old Mk from Mexico) He is a cutie.