A couple of photos

One more thing :),
I forgot I told you guys I will post photos from my super quick trip to Madrid but Olga didn't send me the photos yet (I forgot my camera). I did take a couple with my phone so there they go.

Starbucks, I love you!!!!!!!! For you guys Starbucks may not be a big deal, but for me is a 5 1/2 hour trip treat that I can only get when I go to Madrid so... understand me please :)

This is me in front of the Royal Palace.

And that is it, at least until I have some more. We just realized that Matthew and Nicole's passports expired, so we have an appt. for next week in Madrid in the American Consulate. Starbucks here I go again. This time we will take advantage that we are all going to stay a couple of days with my family and see them.


Nina in Portugal said...

Lovely photos...even if there is only two....oh if I could only be so reserved with photos...I ALWAYS take way more than necessary!

Dani Joy said...

Gotta love those Fraps!!! I would do the same thing. Every time I have to go to Madrid I smell out those Starbucks. jejeje! You look great girl! Love the coat!