Could this be the end?

No, I am not going to get all Apocalyptical but certainly the end of something could be close. The end of Noelia’s baby stage….. my baby….

Last Friday we went to the park. On our way home we realized the last of Noelia’s pacifiers was gone. We lost it. She only had two left and, as she told us herself, the second wasn’t working. She bit a hold on it. Not suitable any more for her taste.
So with one left we went on, deciding not to buy any more. So on Friday the last one was gone. Two choices: 1.- go to the pharmacy and buy one or 2.- stick to the initial thought, let’s wean her out of it. She will be 3 in July so, the second choice was certainly the best one.
Since then nap time has been like going through detox. Paci detox I should say. 8 am hasn’t been pretty either, it makes the waking up routine a lot less pleasing to me (I am already not a morning person). She is actually my alarm clock. She goes to bed at night just fine though, strangely enough, but hey, I take what I can get. She asks for it sometimes during the day, especially when she falls.

Crying was the time to give her her paci. Yesterday she was crying a lot, she had waken up from her nap rather early and she was crying and crying. I couldn’t get her to stop ( if I actually have had a paci left that would have been the end of paci-detox). After a while she just looked at me with this pitiful face and told me “mommy, I am crying!”. It was like “come on lady a little compassion here!”.

In the movies they always say that the hardest time of detox last 3 days so…. Maybe tomorrow I will have a less whiny alarm clock…. My poor baby…. Potty training is close coming.


Jill said...

Giving up the pacifier is very traumatic. Luke actually had to have three at a time when he went to bed--one in his mouth and one in each hand. If he woke up during the night and one was missing, no one slept until we found that third paci. I'm so glad those days are over. Hopefully you will all make it through this in one piece!

Ashley said...

aaaawwww bless her heart... and bless yours even more:) Since we have so many and they only make Sergio mad cause it isnt what he wants we will send you a box....hahaha! Hope it doesnt last too long for all of you there:) Love and prayers:)

The Gerard Family said...

I know exactly what you mean. when I took Alexis' paci away she through fits and bed time and nap time like you would believe. I thought "O MY". I didn't know how I was going to make it through. The fits lasted about a week. Until I made her physically throw one of her old paci's away into the trash. I think she got closer. Months have gone by and she still occasionally askes me for her paci and I say where did it go and she always says the trash and that is the end of it. But, she does sleep better now. I had to be strong for a week and then it got easier. But, Noeli may not be as deteremined as Alexis is. Not we have started potty training, and the same scenario. She through fits for about a week. She didn't want to sit on the potty she wanted her diaper. But, now she sits and even sometimes "tee-tee's" in the potty with out any tears or back talk! :) LOL Whew.....growing up can be tough! Stay strong - I know you want to give in but all of the hard work you have already accomplished will be in vain!

Nina in Portugal said...

We've never had struggles with paci's.

Although we are going to start with potty training soon also....yuck!!