Photos from out trip to Madrid

I was going to post today about the pity party I am having with myself about my weight. But since I am not doing anything to change it I figure I didn't have any wrights...

I did remember I have said that I was going to post some photos of my trip, so I figure I needed my "yea to be yea" :). Sorry to those that do not know my family.

My daddy and Sergio, his youngest grand-grandchild. I praise God He has given my dad so many years to live, he is not saved yet. Pray for him if you would remember.
My dad and the Alberto Puente Jr Family. They are doing great in Madrid. Alberto is still looking for a job though. They are taking over a church there (extra blessing- it is the church where we all got saved) while the missionary is out on a short furlough.

My dad, two of my girls (Noelia wouldn't smile so we kicked her out :)), and Sergio.

My niece Carolina and her son Aitor. So funny, we were having some laughs remembering when we were little. Somehow I always thought I was older than I really was and always boss her around. We always got along really great and to pay her back for bossing her around I let her come with my friends whenever she was in town or with me.

My girls and two of my younger nieces (my brother's daughters), Cristina and Pilar. They love to be together, they have so much fun.

While I was there I got to meet with my old friend (not because of age but because of time) Montse. We were good friends in high school and afterwards we kept being really good friends. But when I moved to the States we lost contact. Facebook brought us together (hehe). She is expecting her first baby in just a couple of weeks.

One more of the Puente Family.

The little one. You can tell he is the youngest uh? he gets the most photos.

My hubby got to play football in the play station with my brother in law. We all have fun in Madrid. :)

A cute shot of Aitor. What a cutie, he has a smile when he wants!

My nephew Javi and his youngest daughter Alejandra. A fact: Javi is my oldest nephew and also 1 1/2 year older than me. All of my friends got a crush on him.... and he knew it :)

The one in the center is my oldest sister Manoli. Carolina is her daughter.

Right before we left back to Granada the Puente's met us for lunch. I got to hold Sergio a little longer. They girls were all over him. Noelia told me she wants me to buy a baby too :). She thinks it is just that easy. Forget the nine months... hehehe.