Beautiful flowers

Matthew came yesterday to the house bringing flowers. I used to like the typical roses. White tulips where my favorite for the longest time. This "Gebera daisies" are now my favorites. They have those all over the flower shops in Granada. I just love them.

But by far my most beautiful flowers are my little ones. My three blessings. My sweet girls. Today they had haircuts (well at least the two oldest ones because Matthew doesn't let me cut Noelia's :)). I always take them to the hairstylish but decided to try to do it myself today. I was pretty happy with the results. In the pictures the hair was still wet but.... They look so cute :)!
AFTER(sorry... )




Here in Spain today is Father's Day. Kayla and Nicole made each a card and a gift for Matthew at school, and Noelia "bought" him his favorite candies.
He is the greatest daddy. He told them stories for over an hour so I could keep them still while cutting their hair. Kayla's card was really cute because in it she told him how thankful she was for all the things he does for her, and went on to write some of them. That was perfect because Matthew's love language is "words of affirmation". He is the best dad ever!

I am leaving tomorrow to Jaen and will be back sometime saturday. Have a great weekend and
I'll see you on monday.


Jen said...

I LOVE gerbera daisies! Have a great weekend!

Julia said...

Great job on the hair cuts! Your girls are so beautiful. You may have it posted somewhere, but what are their ages?

Dani Joy said...

Beautiful flowers!What ya gonna do in Jaen?
Great job cutting the girls hair. How brave!!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

awwwww, daisies! I love them! You did a good job with their haircuts! I always cut Nate's hair but I still gotta work on it, hehe Haven't mastered that yet!

Nina in Portugal said...

I got flowers today too!!

I need to post a picture of them.

My hubby said, Today's Father's day and YOU get flowers!" What's up with that?!

I said...That's the way it should be!!

I was only kidding....

He got Black beans and rice for supper....one of his fav's...

Enjoy your trip!

Beka said...

Today is Father's Day in Honduras, too! Your flowers are really pretty! :-)

Dani Joy said...

I thought I commented... it got lost in cyber space!
I think I had written that you are so brave to cut your girls hair! It turnedout great! Congrats.
Did you have a good trip? What did you go for?

Dani Joy said...

I know you have played tag alot but "tag" you´re it again! jeje
Te pille!!

Dani Joy said...

oh also... There is a little something special for you waiting at my blog.
Love ya!!

Arlene said...

Those daisies are my favorite flowers, too... they're just so cheerful and pretty :o)

The haircuts turned out so cute; you did a great job and think of all the money you could save over the years! :o)